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Owner Pose
Vuk Things were coming to the point subtly would no longer hold up, there was yet reactors to damage, but they were useful to the soon to be New Owners, those were last resorts..preferrably to shut down then destroy. No. the Vehicles were an asset the Brotherhood must be denied for the coming days. Multiple teams were to make attempts. Destroy the exit for the vehicle bay, another to attempt to directly destroy the fuel supplies, another to set off vehicle munitions. The Nuclear Option? Collapse the bay. Some of these men were Reaver infiltrators, others? Refugees who had seen the Truth about the Oppressors. Now dozens were moving, some were terminally ill or injured, their families would be gifted benefice for their sacrifice. There was already commotion being caused in the Tunnels below the Vehicle Bay. Barks of gunfire pouring on from infiltrator squads. Detonations of IEDs.

"Death to the Oppressors! For The Free People!" Is the battle cry..
Qwillis     With the further sabotage happening? There's been further enforcement of the guards on the major aspects of the defense. People were being idiots, thinking that wrecking stuff when surrounded by mutants helped anyone. But that's a debate for another time.
    Qwillis was there, that rifle out, armed and primed. As people started firing, he'd glance to Serena and nods a little. "Don't push yourself.. But anyone attacking? They're a target now." Q glances over to the others that were there when the attackers started. "They have decided to condem us all. This can't stand! Don't let them destroy our work and don't let them be the reason we die here!" With that said, Q lines up that first shot and is indeed, the first willing and able to target using VATS and take down targets.
Shiloh      Shiloh brings in the Giga Scorp Walker back to the bay, backing up on the way in an effort to continue to shoot what pockets of the horde she could with the plasma blasts until they're out of range. She sets it to stand-by and hops out of the pilot seat, urgently, "Going to need more power for the plasma weapons, wait here I'll be back quick!" She climbs down and is surprised to hear the explosions starting to go off somewhere down at the tunnels. "W-what's going on?!" She would run and try to find Qwillis and Serena both, clutching her laser musket in hand. "Q, what's happening? Did the mutants find their way to the tunnels?"
Serena Serena would take a deep breath as she stared at Qwillis, her arms wrapped around her. Nervous? Very. Scared? Extremely. As he turned to her she would stare at him with scared eyes. "....wait....." She'd start to relax a bit. "....I don't have to hold back....?" Her head would tilt as she then slowly lowered her hands. Licking her lips she would nod a bit. "I will stay back here but....I'm out of luck if I pass out.....but I won't let them get to you...." Intently she would look to Q then looked over to Shiloh as she nodded a bit. "I don't know but...its fair game if they attack...."
Vuk Qwi might be surprised to see plasma bolts slamming into guards around him, along with the chatter of what seems like small arms. Some of these men aren't just desperate Refugees..they're calculating, and using highly advanced weapons, and VATS has an issue locking on. It's almost like when it achieves a lock on some, they are alerted, and parts of the vehicle bay floor? Are definitely not looking so good as explosions dent them, or just..plasma impacts. Also where is Vuk? He had dumped off tainted supplies to be hastily driven out into Mutie lines and left..but those vehicles are loaded with tainted goods and fuel..but he's long gone. Which might explain why a refugee in little more then rags is suddenly charging at them and tossing molotovs at them, bodily. Throwing him self at them.

Did the Brotherhood expect trained fighters of an unknown culture to be amoungst them? Many who are fighting seem to be little more then fodder, armed with the weapons the armory provided, cheap leather armor, primitive explosives. But things are going awry in a hurry then aren't they? So many seem intent on blowing up the fuel and ammo supplies!
Sanbella Sanbella had followed Serena after they both burned down the infected materials, she was gazing at Giga-Scorp when it happened. She looked at the direction of the noise and gunfire, quickly putting her helmet on she walks closer to Serena and Q, giving a glance at the Scorpion Tank. She was worried her friend's mech was going to get damaged. Gripping her rifle she looked back at the incoming enemies. "Fucking hell, the fuck they think they are doing!?"
     Krysta stepped between the vehicle bay doors and the oncoming morons. Some of this crowd no doubt saw her shoot that other guy in the head a few days ago... She lifted that gold-plated rifle and opened fire, laying down a suppressive fire with her automatic. She was not aiming to kill yet but hey if some of them got shot so be it. She keyed her external comm. "What the fuck did I tell you people last time?!"
Vuk Those below seem to be merely a distraction, though there is risk some of the tunnels may collapse from the grenades going off, and the Reavers who can get close enough whisper prayers before others provide covering fire.

"His Capacitance! Guide my soul along the circuitry of the All Consuming Motherboard to The Electric Father!" One shouts as they blitz..their tattered rags forgotten, they have -actual- armor, able to absorb fire. Also hey, isn't there some one else who shouts His Capacitance? Mentions Saint Di Ode? Also..isn't that guy shouting strapped with plasma charges? So thats the game. Suicide bombing to try and jam up the exit from the garage. Some one wants the vehicles intact. But Who? Also where the hell is Vuk?