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Iris Lark It's late afternoon and the sun is starting to set. Iris has pledged to assist the two Acme scientists and their mate, Gregg steal a Vertibird so they could get back to Acme. They haven't said if they're coming back, but they might have made it seem like they were. Unforunately for all, clouds are beginning to cluster and gather and the dull rumble of thunder can clearly be heard.

Einstein, Old Gregg and Von Dooberstein (the latter being a securitron with his head in a jar attached atop) have followed Iris to the hangar. "Now, Dear.." Von Dooberstein says, his computerized voice amused. "Remember, you promised that you were going to flash the guards for a diversion." Iris glances back at the scientist and rolls her eyes, leading them further into the hangar. "I didn't say any such thing." She hisses and glances around. "We're waiting for others who promised to aid, and then we'll figure it out, okay?"
Qwillis     Qwillis would show up a little bit later. Surprisingly, he's rather muted on how he gets there, that metal click of that foot softer.. was.. was he on tip-toe for that metal leg? Maybe.. Either way, he'd see Iris with the two doctors show up and go to join them. "Iris.. I'm.. sorry about earlier. Just.. after all that's going on and him insulting Serena.." Q just shakes his head a little and looks around. "We should be able to get you guys to the flyer easily.. getting out in the storm may be the hard part."
Kaydin     Kaydin makes his way to the scientists and to Iris. "So how are we going to get the brotherhood to donate a vertibird? They are rather clingy when it comes to technology." Kaydin says as he watches the people present and reaches for his revolver and loads it with ammo.
Sanbella      Sanbella was licking her wounds, having withdraw to the upper floors of Alamo Citadel. She was smoking and trying to calm down, closing her eyes while looking staring at the ceiling and leaning against a nearby Vertibird. "Fucking... idiots..." She'd mutter under her breath, itching for some of B's moonshine. Today was not a good day for the Desert Ranger.
Serena Serena wasn't far behind Qwillis and just stayed quiet. Arms folded and that bat on her back she'd just stand back a bit then. Those blue eyes staring at the ground she would kick the floor a bit with her toes bit, fidgeting with her hair a bit. Taking a deep breath she would look at the group gathering and stepped back a bit find something to lean on.
     Krysta was there in her power armor and duster. Her gun was in hand as she came up behind Qwillis and keyed her external comm. "Hey, Einstein... I heard you could use some help? Can I help? I'm really bored right now anyway...." Of course, she was talking to Qwillis, oblivious that there was another person named Einstein here...
     At Kaydin's question she tilted her helmeted head. "We're acquiring a vertibird? Well I can look all official if we rip this rank patch off my duster..." Or she had some guns.. lots of guns.. BIG guns...
Vuk Vuk was there, though if people realized it was Vuk could be another question all together. Clad in armor taken from the Brotherhood, wearing one of their stylized shoulder capes, he looks like he might be another guard, or loader. Do they call people who work with vertibirds Loaders? Maybe Fitters. Some thing. Impassively standing guard near a gunship, watching those who are here. Just another day in the Texas Theater of Operations. <Pun on another day in the ETO!>
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head at Qwillis and shoots him a friendly grin. "I get it, honestly, don't apologize." She eyes the scientists for a moment and adds. "You know, he's right, I hope Gregg is as good of a pilot as he claims, the storm will play merry with the sensors on that thing."

She shoots an amused grin towards Kaydin and responds. "They won't let us, so we're going to appropriate one, hopefully in the name of something good coming out of it. The Acme lads may be able to make more of those bombs like you had, or vaccines..that's the hope."

With the arrival of others, stealth suddenly isn't so much of an option and Iris is aware of that. "Plans have changed, we're gonna have to make enough noise to let these three slip aboard a bird and get loose." She tilts her head up to regard Krysta, a wry smile on her face. "You scare the shit out of me, but if you and I argue, might be that if we're loud enough, they won't notice something going on near the entrance of the bay." She frowns and adds. "If they do ..well.." She glances around at all gathered. "Nobody is to fire upon our allies. Subdue however possible, but every arm is needed for what is to come. Got it?"

Von Doberstein looks more than gleeful at the fact that fireworks might be starting soon, but Einstein is wary and he jerks a chin towards Old Gregg. "Whyn't you try to get into the nearest Vertibird here, and try to get it started and ready in case our exit needs to be quick." Old Gregg sneers in the direction of..well everyone.. and moves to comply. Apparently he listens to Einstein, who knew?
Nemo Nemo's been here all day. Any guards are very aware of him, and seem to tolerate his presence. Since morning time, right after getting his arm stitched up, Nemo's been walking up and down the row of vertibirds, rubbing their 'bellies', calling them beautiful and marveling at the machinery on them. He's only been told to stop touching them because he was aggressively 'measuring the turret's caliber with his fingers'. Since then, he's been swigging on something brownish in a glass bottle, scavenged or traded, telling someone in power armor how amazing he is.

"You fuckers oughta let me fly this thing. Lemme squeeze you between the thighs of a bridge, -then- ya can call yourself a man. What? No it don' matter I've never flown." He runs his hands down an hourglass figure in the air, bottle in one hand, laughing, "I know how ta -handle- a machinnnee, yeah."
Qwillis     Q flashes a thankful smile to Iris and nods. Musing, he'd look around and study the flyer they were picking. Finally, he'd glance to Serena, leaning in close to point with that metal hand to a spot on the other side from the one to be stolen. "Serena..? Do you think you could start that table on fire there? We need a distraction.. I know it's a bit of distance.. so if you can't.. don't hurt yourself, ok?"
Sanbella      Sanbella opens her eyes at hearing so many voices in the hangar and peeks from behind the Vertibird, staring at the group with a tired and sour face. She looks straight at the unknown scientists and Iris before noticing Qwillis and Serena, crossing off the worst explanation as to why so many people where in the valuable hangar. Her expression softens somewhat and she removes the cigarette from her lips, coming out in full view. "So... what's going on now?" She crosses her arms under her chest, tilting her head to the side, her green eyes visibly tired.
Vuk Vuk is still vigilant by his Gunship of choice as it were. But that doesn't mean he can't tune into Iris' pipboy radio function and speak with out revealing whom speaks. Static Wash, mechanical growl. "I suggest Iris Lark, you board with the Vertibird with the others. Things are about to begin." The voice warns. See? Warnings are good..also to be fair? Nemo is an awesome distraction. Vuk turns, as if to inspect the interior of the Gunship thing. Seriously, Vertibirds don't let me use awesome name Slang in poses. Does any one intend to stop the one who looks like their own from checking the gunship's interior?
     Krysta peered down at Iris and shrugged her armor a bit. "I can argue. I can bribe. I can blow em up if you want. Hell, I probably still got an energy cell laying around here somewhere I can overload. Or, Miss Iris, I can just walk up and talk to the guys for you. I'm a mercenary. I settle my debts and these guys? I owe em a debt." She indicated the scientists.
Serena Looking over to Qwillis she would smile then nodded a bit as she tilted her head. "I can do that....just say when....." Nodding a bit she would put a hand on his flesh arm then as she hesitated as she leaned in but stopped. Taking a deep breath she would slowly pull back. "Just if I pass out....someone just drag me somewhere?" Chuckling a bit....probably one of few times she has.....Serena would take a deep breath. "I'll just try to stay up at least...."
Iris Lark Iris nods up at Krysta and she lets out a sigh and starts to respond but then her Pip-Boy starts to speak. It's never done that before, weird. She holds her arm up to her ear and shakes it vaguely, a frown on her face. "Someone else heard that right, I'm not going insane?"

Meanwhile Old Gregg has long since slipped unnoticed into one of the vertibirds and is making an attempt to override things so it will start easily when the time comes.

Von Doberstein is still stationed near Iris and when her Pip speaks, the scientist lets out a peal of computerized laughter and speaks. "It looks like someone wants you to accompany us back to Acme, Dear."

Iris smirks at the doctor and shakes her head. "That's impossible, I'm needed here." She stares at her Pip-Boy and looks a bit nervous, but answers. "I'm sorry Pip-Boy, I can't go on the vertibird today."

A guard has been watching the group and sees them speaking quietly and looking generally suspcicious. "Hey, you people.. get out of here, this isn't a hangout." (Get it, hang-ar? hangout? I'll see myself out.)
Qwillis     Qwillis sees Serena lean in and pause. He'd lean in himself and kisses her lightly. After a moment he'd pull back, wink at her and nods. Looking to the guards, Q sighs and says low to Serena. "Go ahead. Do it now." He'd be ready to catch her as Qwillis looks to Krysta and Iris. "That's our cue.. If you're going to do something Krysta, please try to be.. less.. lethal than you are?"
Sanbella      Sanbella tilts her head at the guard, obviously tired. "But what's going on..." She looked back at the group, Staring Iris, Qwillis and Serena and wondered what was actually happening. She walked closer to the group, fearful of their intents, and whispered. "You two fought by my side, what's happening? Let me into it, quick." She drops her cigarette, staring with wide eyes at the group.
Vuk Vuk will settle in, so these were the Sky Ships of the Ancients, but when Iris seems to have a snag, he sighs to him self before slowly unclapsing his shoulder cape and reversing it. Sure they may not see it outside, but it's a deep crimson with a silver Reaver symbol on it.

"You must go Iris. I will ensure they do not notice you much longer, but you must go!" He hisses as he begins to power up the Vertibird. See the benefits of living and training for this day? Well when it comes, you know what buttons to push! Also some one turn on Ride of the Valkyries.
Nemo On the opposite end of the hangar, Nemo points at a guard's rifle, "Hey, is that a plasma rifle? Can I see that?" He steps towards the guard, reaching out, but the other man snaps his weapon into position, pointing it threateningly at Nemo. Nemo backs off, grimacing, "No, no, no it's okay. See, I just wanna test the shielding." He points at the nearest vertibird, "Shoot it a couple times, tha's it! I swear." This doesn't encourage the guard to lower his weapon, "Alright now, ya drunken idiot. Time ta go home."
     Krysta turned to peer at the guard and waved a hand. "Aw, common, man, This is totally a hangout for machines... Einstein here's part machine so we're reuniting him with his family." She indicated Q once again calling him Einstein.
     She walked up toward the Brotherhood guards and chuckled, still on her comm. "Look, I'm kidding around. Real reason we're here is official. You saw that bomb that paralyzed the mutants yesterday? That was us. A little special contribution from El Dorado. We want to send our guys back to get more of them since they work so well."
Serena Serena would widen her eyes at that kiss and then just smiled as she returned it before blushing brightly. As she heard that guard she would then look over but then to the table. When Sanbella approached she would speak to her softly and nodded a bit. "We're taking all...."

She'd look back up to Qwillis and nodded as she looked to that table. Squinting she would put a hand to her head then and then snapped as that table caught on fire. "Fire!! Oh my god!" Oh she sounded so believable as she stumbled a bit. Looking up as she head that voice and saw Vuk....she'd widen her eyes. "Wait...." Looking up at Vuk she'd lean back against him and pointed to the Ventibird that Vuk was in. " can I blow that up?" She /might/ have a small temper....might. Her hand was already aimed at that bird....waiting for the word.
Iris Lark The Acme scientists watch what is going on impassively, well mostly. Einstein isn't surprised by anything that happens around here, he has seen a lot of shit in Acme. Von Doberstein on the other hand? He is cackling so hard that his motorized wheels are jerking him back and forth. "Another player enters the fray!" He calls out, his computerized voice breaking a bit.

Iris on the other hand, she is not laughing, she looks pissed. "I absolutely cannot *BELIEVE* this." Her hand goes to her plasma pistol as someone (and she has a decent idea who) tells her to get into a vertibird. "You're going to ruin *everything*" She manages to say as she brings the rifle up towards the armored man currently in the vertibird.

The guard starts forward, the fire, the man in the second bird and people hanging around. He gets it now, and the jig is up. Other guards move to join the first as he stops to speak to Krysta. Gesturing towards the Vertibird that Vuk is in, his eyes narrow and he asks. "Is that man yours? Tell him to stand down."

Iris sees Serena eyeing the second vertibird with intent and she holds out a hand. "We need that to defend the citadel, try..we...we can't just BLOW it up!"

Iris turns to Sanbella and her eyes are wide as she gets closer. "We were trying to do something good, or..we were trying to help the Scientists from Acme. They're...we...this is all getting out of hand."

Things are getting out of hand, and quickly. The guards who recently joined are armed.

OOC: Acting to destroy any of the Vertibirds will put you in combat with your allies. Acting against Vuk at the moment will start a fight with him, and possibly your allies. (They don't realize he's not on their side yet) Make your choices wisely.
     "Kind of looked like one of yours don't you think?" She shifted and tilted her armored head. "I just told you why we're here. But if you want me to tell your bosses that you hindered our attempt to bring more of those bombs I will."
Vuk Iris is -cursing- at him through her Pip boy, how rude! Actually, it's not surprising given how he is ..not behaving. Still, in his helmet, his eyes glow faintly as he edges up the power in the Vertibird. He isn't exactly sure how stable these things are, given the recent conflicts, but the outputs aren't going nuts, so hey, that is a good sign. "Systems are nominal Iris. Make your decision. Board when the distraction comes, or not." The voice washes.
Nemo Whoosh! More of the table near the back burns, flames rising, and not twenty feet away a guard is telling Nemo to drop his weapons. Looking at his bottle of alcohol, groaning, he puts his hands (bottle included) up into the air, "What? That wasn't me!" He backs away, wincing in anticipation of sudden gunshots, "I'm serious, that's not my fault. You can't pin that on me!" He does drop his bottle, just in case, and nearby, there's a vertibird powering up further down the line of vehicles. "Awww man, why did I let ya metal sirens curse me?"
Sanbella      Sanbella is undecided, seeing so many people and conflicting goals mix into a horrible nightmare to understand what really was going on. She rubs her templates and sighs, becoming aliviated after hearing Krysta's explanation. "Ah... I see, so that's why..." She walks closer to The Mercenary and the Pyro-Girl, standing by their sides in case they needed her help somehow. "Don't worry boys, they are from El Dorado. They know what they are doing." She hoped so as The Red Ranger gave a forced smile at the guards.
Qwillis     Q watches the fire with a nod, then glances over at the other bird.


    Glancing to Serena, he'd shake his head. "It? no. The pilot? Sure. We need the machine. The pilot just made himself expendable." Glancing over to Iris, he'd point. "Get them on the other one and going. The sooner they fly, the sooner they return. We'll try to not destroy that bird."
    With that, Q would give one brief squeeze to Serena's hand, then he'd start running for the guards and that other bird. "It's a rogue agent flying! They're stealing one of your birds!!" Q would grab his own rifle off his back and start charging it up to try and see if he might peg Vuk anyways.
Serena Serena heard Iris' voice and quickly put her hand down. Looking up at Qwillis, she was still holding onto him as she kept that hand on her head. " head is hurting...." Sniffing, she took the back of her hand to rub her to nose to see....blood. Sighing she'd just try to stand up straight then as she rubbed the blood on her pants. When he squeezed her hand she'd frown a bit and watched him before she would look back over to the rogue bird. There's no way she can control her fire to not set the bird on fire too. Looking to the others she would just....sit down. Yup. Stuff was catching up with her.
Iris Lark The guard speaking to Krysta glances towards the Vertibird that is making to lift off and speaks into his radio. "Tell that bird to belay liftoff, see who is inside." He orders, and two of the guards move towards the bird with Vuk inside, weapons relaxed. It is one of their own after all, isn't it?"

Another two guards are attempting to put out the fire, and yelling at Nemo to put down his bottle of hooch before it gets worse. Buckets of water are being fetched and people are running around like crazy.

Iris hears the voice call out to her and suddenly she realizes. Holy shit, this is the diversion they needed! "Gregg, start it!" She calls out and in the insanity that is going on she ushers Enstiein and Von Doberstein into the second Vertibird. All attention is on the first, and the voice in her Pip makes her go cold. "Everyone, take cover, I think the rogue intends to fire on us!"

Old Gregg sneers in the direction of the other folks, and quickly moves to lift off, and while several shots are fired, only one hits and it's not enough to disable it.

Iris grabs Sanbella and pulls her towards cover, near enough to Serena and Qwillis that she could reach out and touch them if necessary.

"Krysta, look out!" Someone yells, and in the chaos it's hard to tell who. The guards finally got the fire under control and are looking to figure out who might be in the other vertibird.
Vuk Iris would be -correct- about the firing, Vuk notices a guard approaching and suddenly the external speakers on the Vertibird snarl into life.

"Long have the Oppressors gone unpunished for their sins! No More! In the Name Electric Father of Creation..I judge thee Guilty of sins against the Free People! For the Slaughter of thousands yet not born!" Then the Vertibird will open up..intent on trashing many of the other Vertibirds, more then people. Specifically though? It's leaving one undamaged for Iris. Also? Vuk -really- wants to flee the hanger. Before the Bird he is piloting might yanno, explode. Because exploding is bad..well, when yer the one exploding! Commence Dakka!
Nemo After helping put out the fire with buckets of water, Nemo is left to be berated by a guard who pats him down. He's being pushed out of the hangar when he hears that electric voice of doom proclaim judgement, with shots being fired and metal richoceting off of metal, "Run! Erryone get outta 'ere! He's gon' fuckin' crazy!" No longer needing to be pushed, he is running as fast as he can out of the hangar.
Serena When the shots started to ring out she let out a scream and scrambled after Iris and the others. Barely getting missed she would just find something to duck behind. She wasn't going to leave Q behind but she wasn't exactly bullet resistant.
Iris Lark The Vertibird fired into the hangar, and all hell broke loose. The guards, knowing well enough to get out of the way, dove for cover. Bullets pinged off of Krysta's armor and nailed Qwillis in the sholder, leaving the two bruised more than anything and Iris critically injured.

In the end, the scientists of Acme managed to make their escape, and the unfortunately enough, so did the enemy vertibird. It was not in top shape anymore though, shot by three of the people here from El Dorado.

After the chaos died down a bit and Iris was carried to the medical bay, the guards thanked the people for their help. Though truth be told - they were still suspicious if the people were involved in the first vertibird that actually got away. Questions were asked, they always are, but nobody seemed to have the answers - at least for now.