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Eden Eden stands at the peak of the citadel staring in the direction the vertibirds had taken the team away. She has Ashur's cloak wrapped around her. Several times, as it is much to big for her. Still, it's a small comfort. She doesn't want to believe what she has been told. Her tears only come one at a time. There is simply nothing to be done. The sun is setting and she is watching the colors dare to be beautiful when everything should be gray. She can't even make herself think the words yet. Ashur---- is-----
Kaydin     Kaydin had been tracking down the people close to Ashur to offer comfort the best he could, considering him and the man werent the best of friends. He comes up to the peak to see Eden and makes his way over to her. He reaches into his coat and pulls out a paper napkin. "Here." He says softly to the woman as he watches her. "I am sorry to hear about Ashur." He says to the woman as comfortingly as he could.
Eden Eden takes the napkin and wipes her face and nose with it. "Did you know him? Or were you another one who constantly assumed him a monster?" Eden doesn't exactly know how to accept any comfort here. In the months they've been married, most people seemed to have very strong opinoins about Ashur. She was not up for hearing another version of "Well you'll be better off now cause you deserve blah blah blah:
Kaydin     "He and I didnt see eye to eye, but he cared for you. Losing someone close to you is always harsh." Kaydin says calmly. "I am not going to say you are better off, Because I dont think you are better off." He says softly as he moves a hand to her shoulder and rubs it.
Eden "He was my world from the moment he stepped into it. I am not better off, and neither is Lilith." Eden leans her head on Kaydin's shoulder. She doesn't know how to cry, or scream, or do anything that makes sense. Just one tear at a time as she stares off into the sky.
Kaydin     "Thats why I am here. To help you." Kaydin says as he watches her and lets her lean her head on his shoulder. "I wish I can say you two will eventually be reunited someday. I wish I could say something that could ease your pain, but I am afraid I dont know what I can do, other then be there for you and your child." He says calmly.
Eden "be there for us how? It's not chores that are unattended. It's not money. I have money. I have family. Honestly, what can anyone do?" With that the sobs start, and Eden just cries softly.
Kaydin     "I will do what I can to help your family. Ashur said to look after you and I will." Kaydin says as he pats her back and lets her sob and cry. He remains silent, watching the area before looking back to the woman.
Eden "What's next? That roaring thing will get here at some point. Is there a plan yet?" Eden hasn't given much thought to how they will all survive, but she does have to survive. Lilly can't lose both parents. "I need a job. some task. Do you know who needs anything done? If I don't do something, I'm just gonna fade away."
Kaydin     "As far as I know we are regaining our forces and supplies. The scientists of El Dorado are on the way back to Acme to develop more of that toxin. The brotherhood is leaderless. Rexus is the current ranking officer by my count and I am not sure if he is up to that." He says calmly as he watches her. "You could go check on the mech, make sure it still works and has weapons." He says calmly.
Eden "Yeah. Fix a thing. sounds like that's up my alley. Can we just sit here for a bit first?" It actually feels good to jsut be hugged. She is glad Kaydin came to see her. "I don't have much else to say, but can we just watch the sky a while?"
Kaydin     "We can stay here." Kaydin says as he hugs her and pats her arm. "This is probably the most I have ever hugged anyone. Parents raised me to be a soldier and be the best trained warrior there is." He says as he watches her. "Lilith is Ashur's daughter, are you going to have her trained in combat?"
Eden "I don't know" Eden answers. "She can learn whatever she's interested in. I can't train her in combat. I can only barely shoot." Eden can't think that far ahead. Can't think about how Lily won't even know him. Only hear the awful things everyone else will say. That has always pissed Eden off. "Lily won't know the real him. They say awful things and act like he's a monster, but all he has ever done is rescue everyone over and over. whatever the politics- he was a hero. Without knowing him... "