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Iris Lark It's quiet in the medbay, there are a few people working, and a new patient.

Iris lark lies in one of the beds, curled into a ball with a bandage on her chest and leg. The chest bandage is stained with blood and a few of the doctors are dithering with how to treat her collapsed lung. She keeps tossing and turning though, making an attempt to tell someone something that is apparently bothering her.
Nemo Nemo sneaks into the medbay as best he can, pointing at his newly stitched arm and saying, "Can ya believe it?" He's looking for two things, one now more than ever: Chems and Iris Lark. When he finds her bed, he stears clear of the line of sight of the other doctors. His green eyes scan the medbay, looking for where they might keep the current love of his life, Med-X.

He looks back to Iris, waving discreetly to try and catch her attention, "Pssst. Doc. Hey Doc."
Iris Lark Iris opens her eyes, and she has looked better. She opens her mouth and her chest moves weakly as she takes a breath. "Nemo." She says, and her eyes move around the medbay a bit before she frowns. "Where am I?" When she tries to push to sit, the pain causes her to suck in a breath and she stays curled up, groaning softly. "Are you okay?" She whispers, moving to attempt to get comfortable.
Nemo Nemo sneaks up to Iris' bed, grinning at her, "'ey there, beaute." He squats down, "Ya got shot by a vertibird. I seen it happen," he bobs his head, leaning an arm against the metal rail of her bed and casting a furtive glance at a couple of Doctors looking over old books and arguing about methodology. The caramel hued man with grease on his face and hands whispers, "You're in the medbay. Ah'm fine, don' worry about me. You need somethin' for pain?" Maybe she did, and he could get some for him, too. Or play the Hero, that's always nice.
Iris Lark Iris watches Nemo and when he leans closer she manages a slight smile, but it's clear she's struggling to breathe. "The vertibird..that means Vuk got away, didn't he?" She turns her head, spots the other doctors and frowns. "I..I have something for pain in my rucksack, then I know it isn't you see it anywhere?" The brown leather rucksack is actually under her bed. "I ..think I want something, yes." A tear leaks out of her eyes and she wraps her arms around her torso. "Please.."
Nemo That sobers Nemo up, seeing Iris in clear pain. He reaches for the rucksack and stands up, now longer even pretending to be stealthy, he was on a mission. He opened the rucksack and leaned forward, exposing it's contents to both of them, "Whatcha need, Doc?"
Iris Lark "Med-X would be nice, or whiskey. I'll take either at this point." Iris whispers, still apparently struggling to breathe. She is pale, and she's still hugging both of her arms to her chest, the bandage there still red. "The Med-X are blue, and round.."
Rexus Rexus trudges into the med-bay, looking a little worse for wear. Seems he's here both for a little bandaging and to check on the wounded, like a proper Commander. He offers a few words to some of the wounded militia-folk, handing out a few bits of candy or cigarettes.
Eden Eden walks into the medbay, head down, eyes on the floor. She is wrapped in what looks like a big white blanket. Stumbling in she sees Iris looking occupied and sits on the nearest chair to wait her turn. She knows she is supposed to see a doctor. she is doing the things she is supposed to. Beyond that, she can't even think.
Nemo Nemo works quickly, and with a precision that suggests he might have some experience with medicine, or at least helping the wounded or those needing a fix. "Oh hoo, don' worry. I know what Med-X looks like, sometimes I wish I could forget." He digs through Iris' rucksack, and produces that and a bottle of whiskey, "I'm gonna ... steal a nip here." One she's gotten the Med-X, he's uncorking the whiskey and tipping it back for a single, big-cheeked gulp, -then- he passes it to Iris, "Maybe not too much? Ya lost a lotta blood, and I know this thins it or somethin'." He squints an eye at the people nearby who are considering various ways to treat Iris, "Ya know, if ya want me to grab summa tha' sewin' twine, I can thread a needle right here, and fix ya back up?" He grins, flashing his nearly white teeth, eyes bloodshot, "It'd only be fair."
Iris Lark "I don't think I want you sewing me shut Nemo. No offense, but you're a little dirty." Iris responds, her voice and the chuckle that comes after it weak. She takes a Med-X and grimaces as she tries to turn or move away from the pain. "Just get one of the doctors to come over here, this chest tube hurts more than it's helping. I want it out." The words come slow, and she's struggling to speak. When he tries to pass her some whiskey, her hand comes up and she pushes it back towards him. "Keep it, Nemo."
Rexus Rexus wipes some of the dirt from his brow, smearing it around with all that cordite blackness. He spots Eden, giving her a little smile, "How goes it, Corporal?" he inquires, patting his grungy jacket down, "Think i'm going to take up smoking after this is over."
Eden Eden looks up at Rexus. She's obviously been crying. "Not so great. But I need a job or soemthing.. just soemthing else to think about. Kaydin there was a thing somewhere that needs fixing." She pulls the white material closer around her. "I need my arm fixed first though."
Nemo Over on a rusty gurney, Iris lays, bandaged, still bleeding, with Nemo and his bottle of whiskey. He stomps at foot, pointing the bottle the doctors in the corner, "Hey, one'a you! Get over here an' take this tube outta her!" He looks around at everyone else, "Come on! Fuckin' help her! She's lyin' over here hurtin', and has probably stitched erryone' of your asses shut." He pauses, takes a swig, then adds much more calmly, "I mean, not literally, but come on, I dunno who's 'sposed to be doin' what, but get it togetha!"
Rexus Rexus nods to Eden, "I'm sure we can find somethin for you to do. Count bandages, ammo supplies..." he knows the importance of keeping ones mind occupied in a pinch. He grunts as he overhears Nemo, "Calm down." he mutters, "Ain't no need for hysterics." They're all just in the middle of a mutant army under siege, no problem!
Eden At hearing that Iris is actually wounded (Eden had been so absorbed in her own world she hadn't even really looked around), She stands up, lets the cloak drop onto the cahir behind her and goes to Iris. "She's shown me what to do before. Can you hold her still please?" It's true- Iris has probably bandaged and fixed everyone here a dozen times.
Camilla     Suddenly, Camilla. Where did she come from? Did anyone know she was here or notice? Nope. More than likely not, and her arrival, and seeing the situation and eyeing Iris and seeing that she's badly hurt causes her to yell at the top of her lungs, "Off of her. Now." She does that, and bolts at a sprint towards Iris. "Hey hon, talk to me..." she says as she dumps her bag on the floor and starts to get to working. "So, anyone mind telling me what happened?"
Serena After everything today....Serena had gone for a long walk. She was in sensory overload and lord anyone that was in her way to say the least. Taking a deep breath she made her into the med bay to check on people. Silent as can be she would make her way and looked around for Iris. Frowning a bit she would see others there but didnt' go running at least. As she saw Camilla run past her and in she would follow after her. Standing not far she would speak up then. "Some asshole shot up the hangar and she got hit...."
Iris Lark Iris blinks up at Camilla and she gestures to her chest, but then Serena saves her from having to speak up, but she still has something to say. "Get this out.." She mutters, gesturing towards the tube in her chest. "It's not doing anything, I want it out."
Eden Eden takes a step back. That's fine. Camilla knows her business. Eden goes back to her chair and wraps up in the cloak again. Her arm can wait however long it needs to. Iris's wounds are Much more serious.
Nemo People were crowding by, clamoring to help Iris, and Nemo was backing off with that bottle of whiskey, and a brown leather rucksack. He nods, encouragingly, walking casually towards another open bed. He pull the sheet half- closed, and started looking through the rucksack.
Kaelyn Aaaand in limps Kae she's got a lot of scraping and cutting on a leg her favorite tank top is messed up baddly too like she'd rolled and bounced in constatina wire. Wierdly her ever-present skin suit is just fine.... Still though there's blood on it too... "Sooo anyone have anything for someone who's had an 'argument' with a mesquite patch?" she asks curiously the woman's red eyes taking in the place curiously.
Camilla     Camilla looks at the tube in Iris's chest, and looks around slowly as she moves to grab some of her medical tools to get it out. "What genious though this was a good idea? She's not dealing with a collapsed lung, or anything that would require a tube being inserted for pressure release..." ya, someones also a bit test and annoyed. Without waiting for a reply, she turns about and leans in close to lock eyes with Iris. "I'm here. I'm with you. Everything will be ok.

    Cami's first order of buisness, hit Iris with any pain killers she can. Second order of buisness, get the tube out. Third order of buisness, stop t he bleeding, clear and clean the woundsite, etc etc etc.
Qwillis     Qwillis had come by to check on Iris.. only to find a lot of people.. are checking on Iris. Well then. However, it's Iris' bag not being near Iris that catches his attention. Eyes narrowed, he'd walk silently over to Nemo, behind him and casually plant a metal finger in the middle of his spine. "I don't think that is yours. I also think you're going to close it, hand it over and no one gets hurt. Right?"
Rexus Rexus watches all the hubbub, smirking as Eden beats a sensible retreat. "Too many chiefs, not enough Indians eh?" he teases. "They say doctors and nurses make the worst patients... starting to see the truth in that." he adds, settling into his chair. "Hopefully we can keep the walking wounded able enough to pull triggers, need every man we can get up on the walls."
Serena Serena would look to Iris and frowned a bit as she watched Camilla. Needless to say she was going to nag about who was the trigger happy asshole but now wasn't the time. They just better hope she doesn't catch up to them. Standing there as she heard the others she'd just tune them out, in her own world right now. "If you need help....I can.....just basic stuff like a nurse though...." That was all she said as she took a step back then as she watched intently.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks around staring at folks curiously before she finally moves to the side and quietly occupies an empty seat where she sits cross legged and starts to quietly chat with CORA her handy dandy modified pipboy.
Iris Lark Iris watches Qwillis and Nemo, but she manages to offer Camilla a smile as a thank you. "Give him a few doses of something, and then bring me back my rucksack." She requests of Qwillis before she settles down to let Camilla work. Her eyes keep closing, as she's lost enough blood to be fairly out of it.
Camilla     Cami's got about this >-< much patience at the moment, and without skipping a beat she snaps a finger out towards Rexus. To Serene, she response, "Triage him. Get him patched up and out of here. Then Triage Kaelyn and report to me on her status." Yup, to many chiefs, not enough indians and Camilla is making sure everyone knows she's big chief smackabitch and she's in charge now. To hell with people liking her or not.

    Then, there's a quip from Nemo, whom she doesn't really know all that well, and he gets a, "Shut it. I'm a legion trained medicus with over a decade of experience, I run my own clinic, and I've healed more people and saved more lives than I care to count. I don't need any advice. I don't need any input. I need nurses. I need meds and supplies. If you're not first aid trained, or hurt, get out. Thanks."
Serena Serena would frown a bit as she looked to the others but said nothing. Sighing a bit she'd just move over to an empty bed and pointed to it. Those blue eyes would look over to the man in question with a brow raised. Saying nothing she would just wait. Either he wanted help or didn't....but if it took too long...she was going to move over to Kaelyn then. Glancing up she would see Q off over doing something but didn't say a word for now.
Nemo Nemo closes that rucksack, hands it back without looking over his shoulder, whiskey bottle in the air, freezing, "Take it, big fella. I didn't want trouble, I was just hurt myself." He calls out, glancing behind himself, "Hey she already got some Med-X in 'er, two and three quarter doses, by my reckon!" Then he sees Qwillis's face out of the corner of his eye.

Still stiff, one hand in the air, the other offering the rucksack, his tone is one of disbelief, barely whispered, "Holy shit... really." When Camilla starts giving orders, he arches a questioning brow at Q, waiting for a move.
Rexus Rexus has to get a hand up from one of the other soldiers as he hobbles towards the bed indicated by Serena, "Nothin serious jus... random hazards." he murmurs, "Just need them cleaned up, no sewin or nothin." he says as he sits, "Try to save the pants, hard to find any my size anymore."
Qwillis     Q would take the bag from Nemo, then step back a step, smirking at the guy. As Iris calls over, he'd nod a little and take out the doses she said. "Here." Those given to Nemo, he'd walk over to Iris and return her back, a light pat to Cami's shoulder encouragingly.
    Moving over to Serena and Rexus, he'd nod. "Fine. I can tend you. Then get out. Doc's orders. We have enough crazy in here right now." Glancing to Serena, Q smiles and nods at Kaelyn. "Get her on a bed and see what the auto-doc says?"
Camilla     Camilla goes about finishing up working on Iris, who zonks out hardcore from the pain, despite her best efforts. "Ok, well, she's sleeping..." she adds softly as she stands up and folds her arms under her bustline. "Qwillis, take care of Eden. Eden, you handle Kaelyn. Serena, you handle Rexus. Everyone crystal on their marching orders?"
Kaelyn At the mention of medical beds Kae casually occupies one. She yawns and waits there tugging off her tank top and her jeans the girl just sitting steady in her skin suit for now while she calmly awaits treatment. As far as walking Kae seems to be able to do just that "Umm no extreme hurry I just have a lot of small cuts and scrapes... Literaly fell into a mesquite copse..."
Rexus Rexus nods towards Qwillis, "Fine by me, just wrap'em up and send me out. I've got work to do." he says, letting the medics do their thing to get him patched up.
Serena Serena stared at him and then without hesitating, ripped his pants open. "....whoops." As she was about to take over she'd hear Qwillis and looked up at him. Smiling she would just shake her head a point to Camilla. "You heard're off to Eden..." And with that she would look over to Rexus and smiled slightly. "I think you'll live..." And with that she reached over to a table, grabbed some bandages and antiseptics to get to work on him.
Qwillis     Q glances to Cami and nods in response. He'd flash a smile to Serena and leave her to deal with Rexus as he'd walk over to where Eden was at. Reaching for her good shoulder, he'd frown. "I heard about.. Well.. I'm sorry. After all this.. if I can help, just.. let me know, ok?" he'd watch her and then go to work on her arm. He had a lot of technical experience, not necessarily actual experience, but it was enough to be able to handle her arm for her.
Nemo Nemo immediately takes a dose of Daytripper the moment it hits his hands and, you know what? Everything's gonna be alright. He rises from that medical bed to free it up, passes another with Kaelyn getting down to a skin suit, and it is impossible for him to keep going. He moves towards the bed, splashes a little whiskey on his hands and cleans them off. By way of explaining, he tells Kae, "Nanites." Whatever that means, he sniffs and steps up to her, "Let me wait for uh..." He points at Camarilla, winking at Kae, "Heh, -that- one tells me what to do." He leans in, whispering, "Antiseptics, foreign object removal, and bandages."
Eden Eden's arm wound is simple. She stays still as Qwillis works to patch it up quickly. "Thank you" she whispers, barely audible. Cream for the burn and a bandage she can't quite manage to put on herself because of the angle is all she would really need. "I don't think there is anything.. anyone can... " Tears threaten again. "I just need to keep busy."
Rexus Rexus opens his mouth to protest as Serena tears his pants open. "What.. not even dinner? Hrmph. Kids these days." he mutters, just lying back and letting Serena do her thing with the swabs and the bandages, "I'll live, certainly." he mutters, bracing for any other mean medic-tricks Serena has up her sleeves.
Camilla     Cami sees that everyone has their orders, is doing what she asked, and she smiles, warmly. She literally almost beams from ear to ear. "Alright, I'm going to check this makeshift med bay for supplies, do an inventory and see what all we have. If anyone needs me, I'll be around." With that, she's walking off to get to work.
Qwillis     Q nods in response, working on her quickly and surprisingly efficently. "When we get back? I'm going to try to get a fusion core. I have an idea to wipe out the whole Dunwich issue without us having to get near it.. EMP. But I can't deliver it.. We'll work on it at the Bunker." Finishing up that work, he'd nod and motion to Kaelyn. "Your turn to help her?"
Serena Serena would stop and look up at him. "....not even dinner? What are you talking about?" That blank look in her eyes said it all: she really had no idea. A tilt of her head she'd nod as she made note to ask about it later but just finished cleaning him up. "Live? Now that Camilla is distracted. It looked as if she was prepared to choke the life out of her slowly after one more moment...." With that she would pat that leg then stood up. "Now....what is this about dinner?"
Iris Lark Iris didn't think that Nemo was going to take the drugs right away, in a room full of people, but he does and when she wakes up she watches him do some dreamy walk about with commentary. She ignores that and turns her attention to Serena, watching her work.
Rexus Rexus gives a bit of a wave of his hand, "It was a joke, lighten the mood a bit." he says, "Am I good to go now?" he looks around the medbay as it quietens, "Should let the men rest up... hard to do when there's an Officer around."
Nemo Nemo shakes his head, "I really shouldn't, look at 'er." He looks from Qwillis, to Kaelyn, "What /are/ you?" He doesn't keep his eyes to himself, that's for sure. The whiskey isn't helping him be any convincing as someone who should be doling out medical treatment, "Oh, hey, did you see the vertibird attack? Some nutjob went crazy, stole a bird, started shootin' everyone." He steps up close to Kaelyn's bed, "I put out a fire, ya know tha'?"
Serena She'd move and then nodded slowly. " you're not hungry?" Serena tilted her head a bit then looked to Q a bit. "Qwillis....he asked me about dinner after I ripped open his pants and then said it was a joke. Is this something you need to teach me later?" Taking a deep breath she would then sigh a bit as she sat down and then looked to Iris. Watching her she'd give the woman some space as she rested but looked back to Rexus. "Yes you're good to go....bye."
Eden Eden stretches her frieshly bandaged arm. "Thank you." A fusion core? Qwillis definitelly got her attention. "I would love to work on that." She is surprised to feel herself looking forward to it. "I'll be there. and yup, I'm up"

Walking over to kaelyn, Eden says "Hello, haven't seen you in a while." and starts working on her cleaning then bandaging her various small wounds. "What did you fall into again? Wow, you are just scraped up everywhere! OK. This is just gonna a take a few minutes." Having a job, helping someone. This is definitely the way to go. It doesn't kill the grief, but, it helps.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Nemo curiously "What Am I? Ummm Im Kaelyn?" CORA Kae's wrist comp then pipes in after materializing her avatar holographicly just above Kae's wrist. "Yup she's Kaelyn! A genetically engineered person!" Kae then sighs "Jeeze gotta keep on throwing that out there.." cORA then pipes up. "Yus cause yer like my finest work!!!"
Rexus Rexus stands as Serena finishes up, "Thanks." he says, looking about one last time before heading towards the door... got to make room for all the other wounded and such, no malingerers allowed!
Qwillis     Q watches Eden get to work and nods a little. "hmm?" Q glances over to Serena, frowns, then chuckles a little. "Oh. Due to you ripping open his clothing. It's a common thing said to men when seeking sexual contact. A jest in odd humor but meaningless ultimately." Q walks over to stand by Serena, looking at Nemo and Kaelyn. "Nemo, Kaelyn there is probably one of the more dangerous people I know. I do recommend you not harass her too much."
Iris Lark When Iris feels better she gets to her feet, despite Camilla's glare that says she shouldn't and she hobbles towards Serena. As the young pyro helps others, she helps her, cleaning and dressing her wounds carefully so she'll be in good shape as well.
Nemo Nemo stares in awe when her Kaelyn's pipboy, no, that's not a pipboy is it? Well it talks! "Harass her? Naw, man, she's amazing. Look at those ears, and is that a pipboy? Some sort of artificial intelligence, or is someone communicating with you?" He sits down on her bed, "How'd you get genetified? Radiation storm? Born that way? Life choice? Abducted by super mutant scientist cabal intent on turning you into the ultimate weapon to make mankind kneel but look good doing it?" He feeds the fire with some more whiskey. "Kaelyn? I'm Nemo."
Kaelyn Kae peers curiusly "Dangerous? I'm Dangerous?" she asks curiously... CORA then pipes in cheerfully "Yes Kae, you're a crack shot with a rifle stealthy when you want to be and you can picke up cars and rip turrets off of walker tanks with just your mind I think that makes you dangerous..." Kae then blinks and oooh's then her crimson eyes settle back on Nemo and she smiles sweetly, and yes Kae's got slightly enlarged and sharp incisors to go with those blood-colored irises and the white hair and long pointy ears...

"Umm I guess I am? But I'm a nice kind of dangerous?" she adds and looks to Q "I could say that right?"
Qwillis     Q smiles to Kaelyn with a firm nod. "Definitely." He'd look to Iris as she'd hobble to her feet to come help Serena. Q splits his attention, helping Iris and Serena both to make sure they are both ok. "Iris.. I'll talk to Serena, but when we get back to ED, there's a few things that may interest you here too."
Serena "Oh....I see...." Frowning she would just seem to put in her rolodez before nodding. Looking up she would feel something and looked over to Iris. "....what are you doing?" Standing she would point back to that bed. "You should be resting and not bothering with me. Go..." A tilt of her head as she waited before looking to Qwillis. "Do you need anything else of me here? I can go and continue burning stuff of...." But then those blue eyes blinked. "Talk to me...about what? What did I do wrong?" There was a slight change in her demeanor for a split second before she went back to that far off stance.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Serena and instead of being fussed with she quietly goes back to bed and lays back down. She makes sure that her rucksack is in within her sight and she folds her arms over her abdomen, quietly watching the rest talk amongst themselves.
Eden Eden straightens up after securing the last bandage. "I think I got all of the cuts Kae. Do you need anything else?" Handing kae back her clothing items to put back on over her bandages, she also asks Qwillis "Are there more people to patch up, or is that everyone now?"
Qwillis     Q shakes his head with a flashed smile at Serena. "Nothing bad. I don't share what you do, without permission, Serena. That's all." He'd watch and help Iris back to that bed too. "Iris, she's.. still getting use to interacting with people.."
    He'd shrug a little then glances over Eden. "This is where all the critical wounded are at. There's plenty more outside of here. But this is critical care."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Eden curiously and then peers around before rubbing the back of her neck "A much bigger gun probably... I got my FN FAL out here too in case I gotta snipe, but something with more punch would be a good idea I think." she says and scratches at the back of her neck... "Oh and mebbe some salve for the itch I'm gonna have from all these scrapes and cuts."

Kae glances to Nemo "And as far as genetic modification I believe the controlled type I've done, or at least my specific modifications must be started when you're at a very very young age." she says and rubs at the back of her neck again "I dun think you wanna go the virus rout and stuff, That's kind of how we're in our current predicament..."
Iris Lark Iris watches the byplay from her hospital bed and simply curls up, getting comfortable. She pulls her hat off and then signals to Qwillis to come closer. "I have something that I think you may need to discuss with the leadership here." She folds her arms gingerly over her chest as not to disturb the bandage there.
Eden Eden snickers just a little at Kaelyn's pure practicality. Well, I can't give you a gun, but I can help with the itch." She goes through the stock to find a small jar and some cream to help sooth the skin as it heals. "Ok, here you go." she says as she hands it over to Kaelyn. "I hope they hea; up quickly for you"
Nemo Nemo slides off Kae's bed, shaking his head, smiling at her, "No no no virus for me, thank ya. I'll just your good ol' fashioned chems and liquor. Wouldn't mind a suped up buddy on my wrist, though." His gaze slides towards Q and Iris, and he gives her a subtle little wave, before telling Kae and Eden, "Let me get outta your hair. If you need me, I'll be out there on the wall." He steps away from the bed, heading out.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods a little, moving over to Iris to kneel next to the bed watching her. "What is it Iris? I'll make sure they know what's going on. They seem to listen to me since I'm leading the repair team.."
Iris Lark Iris glances around and makes sure that her voice is low as she speaks to Qwillis. "I recognized the person who was shooting at us in the hangar." She frowns and she takes a breath, pushing her hair out of her face. "I feel I'm betraying someone, but uh.." She glances at the bandage on her chest and it galvanizes her a bit. "I'm pretty sure that was Vuk, and if it was, he may have been behind the other ..sabotages here."
Qwillis     "What the Vuk??" Q starts, bites back a follow up comment and glances around. He'd glare at the floor a moment. "That.. idiot." Shaking his head, he'd reach over to pat her shoulder. "I'll make sure they know, Iris. I'll make sure that people understand exactly what happen.." Standing to his feet, he'd sigh softly. "Gone too far this time.."
Serena Serena would watch the two then nodded. "I can leave you two to it.....I can see this is private." With that she would just stand and go to clean her hands. Sniffing she would watch blood drip from her nose again and she cursed silently. Quickly grabbing some gauze she would put it to her nose as she then sat down as she wobbled a bit. " hell...." Yup.....she's really over done it this time.
Iris Lark Iris reaches out and snags Serena so she doesn't run off. "Please stay, you look like you need to lie down as well." She scoots over on her cot and shrugs. "You can rest here if you want." She narrows her eyes at Qwillis and she sighs. "I thought it might be when he tries to get me into the vertibird, nobody else would care, honestly."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously "Soo you saw Vuk Or think you saw him?" Kae asks curiously and tilts her head "I can see if I can maybe find em and see for usre what's going on?" she says and smiles slightly.
Iris Lark "He shot at us, if you find him, he might shoot at you as well." Iris remarks, and shakes her head at Kaelyn. "If he's been sabotaging our efforts, then he's dangerous and if we see him in the citadel he needs to be detained." She lets out a soft sigh and snuggles down further into her bed. "I can't believe he shot at us with that Vertibird."
Serena Serena felt that hand and then looked at Iris. "I am fine. Just dizzy. I should head space for the real fighters..." Nodding she would look to Q then as she frowned a bit. "Wait...the one you got mad at...." Those blue eyes had a fire then as she then balled up her fist. "I told him I'd burn him last....seems he's gonnna get bumped up on the list." Now she was upset as she turned and started her way out. "I better go before I get more upset....."
Qwillis     Q nods to Iris, then looks to Serena worried. He'd pull her over to sit on the bed next to Iris. "Serena? You pushed it too far.. didn't you? Oh geeze.. I told you to not push too hard Serena." He'd frown, looking her over, then looking over to Iris. "Serena.. has special abilities. But this is an unfortunate side effect. I don't know how to help this without an MRI from what the books said.." Q shakes his head, reaching out to try and keep Serena with him. "Yes. That guy. And yes. He's up the list.."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and as she stands her eyes get a dull glow yah she could be seen in the dark with those red peepers and her clothes lift opening up as she just hops into her jeans and grabs them by hand as she shimmies those wide hips into them... She then lifts her arms and well her shirt floats over to her and drops over her head falling onto her as she well kind of dresses her self with aid of something...

Kae glances to Q and Serena then Iris "I shall do what I can to detain and talk to Vuk then should I see him." She then looks at Serena curiously "Get a headache in the front part of your head right above your eyes, and behind the sinuses? Loose your balance and such momentarily, sometimes get nose bleeds?"
Iris Lark Iris doesn't detain Serena any further, if she wants to go, she's not going to stop her. She nods to Qwillis and settles back on the bed, lost in her thoughts for the moment. "You don't think he's still in the citidel, do you? I don't want to wake up somewhere I don't recognize again."
Serena Serena would look to him and frowned. "I am sorry. But I wanted to help. It's what happens after I don't get healed right after each time....." She'd look to Iris but then back to Q a bit. "She knows...I met her one day when I was out practicing in the desert a ways from town....." Nibbling her bottom lip she'd stare at Qwillis then shrugged. "I am just not used to using it this often and exerting that much energy is all. I am sure my body will adjust...." With that she would nod matter of factly before turning to Kae. Blinkgin she would just stare at her then nodded slowly. "....yes....exactly."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head. "He's gone. He flew off. I saw that." Q reaches up and rubs that shoulder where the laser had impacted. He'd study Serena, then glances to Kaelyn. "That's right. You have the mental capabilities. Telekinetic.. as.. per you getting dressed with it." Frowning, Q would look to CORA then. "Cora? You have all the data on Kaelyn. Is there a way to help alleviate side effects of stress use of the ability?"
Kaelyn Kae grins and nods a bit as she adjusts her shirt, then fetches her duffle bag... "Sooo ummm... Yah, Get some soda pop or something with Caffein in it... That helps a lot." she says and smiles a bit... "Also lotsa sleep... " Kae suggests and shoulders her bag as she stretches her upper back shirt probably straining a bit due to the elf-like woman's rather rediculous figure...

CORA like appears aboeve Kae's wrist and now motions to Kae... "What Kae said Caffein helps and stuff basically when using those abilities it puts stress on the brain namely the synapsees that are in the frontal lobes. Also massaging the front of your head and also getting a lil more blood flow there helps a ton too.." she says with a slight smile.. "Also it's like any other muscle more you use it the better you will be if over-used too much it will cause pain... Kae had a lot of those troubles shortly after her abilities finally manifested."

Kae tilts her head curiously and shrugs "Pretty much that..." Kae glances to Sera curiously and grins "I'm ummm well basically I'm a kind of relic from pre-war stuffs... I was well kidnapped then modified for umm like 200 years... I guess I'm one of those odd things folks can run into in the wastelands that ya hear about?" CORA sniggers "Well Odd is right!!!"
Iris Lark Iris glances at Kaelyn and then to Qwillis and Serena. She really doesn't have much to add and she turns to curl up in her bed again, pulling a pillow closer. "I'll try to sleep then, and hopefully he doesn't come back."
Qwillis     Q looks to Iris and nods. He'd go to pat her shoulder, then starts to escort Kaelyn and Serena out. "I'll make sure a guard is posted Iris. So him or his friends can't get you." Sighing softly, he'd look between the two women. "Serena, I think we have someone that might help you with practice, hmm?"
Serena Serena would take in all that she heard and then nodded. "Caffeine.....massaging....more blood flow...." Looking deep in thought she would nod as she looked to Qwillis. "Can you help me with those things? I am not sure how to do the latter......" Looking back to Kae and CORA she would nod. "Thank you. I appreciate the help...." Looking back to Q she would smile a bit. "Do you wish to stay here? I may go in search of caffeine....and see about massaging or something...." Staring over at him then as he started to leave with them but then she looked to Iris. "If he is your friend....I am sorry but I will burn him to ash. He shot you...and he shot my Qwillis....that is something I can not have. He will not get close...." And with that she would nod and sighed a bit. "It seems so....if they wish."