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Shiloh      The massive mutant horde continues to press in on the Citadel walls relentlessly and there are soldiers and conscripted militia members scrambling up and down the walls desperately to not only continue their gunned arsenal from above to press back the almost inevitable breach from the walls. On the top of the wall it can be seen that out in the distance there's gaps that can be seen in the horde trying to quickly fill in on themselves to make up for the loss in their numbers. Bits of mutant flesh and blood can be seem from the few that were misfortunate enough to step on one of the explosives around the perimeter, and some that refuse to stay down are walking with gaping wounds or bits of missing limbs.

     Shiloh has been mostly restricted to manning the Giga-Scorp Mech near the gates, continuing to work with her co-pilot Zaxelin to rain down plasma fire whenever she can. That plasma can't last forever though, so sometimes Shiloh has to try to sneak her way down and allow Zaxelin to man the Giga-Scorp while she quickly tried to run and find more energy-charges to fuel the mechanical beast. This time though, she notices something out of the ordinary as one of the Brotherhood cries for help echo from the base of the wall. There, the man in his armored-powersuit is trapped beneath a chunk of the wall that's fallen from one of the mutant's hurling things at it.

     Shiloh looks around, trying to see if there's anyone more qualified for the job of savior. She's discouraged to see that anyone that -she- sees is mostly preoccupied, so she gathers up a deep breath and makes a run to try to get to the man, "H-Hold on!"
Devlin     Having stayed along the walls much of his time since the relentless waves closed in around the Citadel, Devlin could only watch and listen as some explosions went off within the keep only to quiet down. The chaos from earlier in the day was by and large a mystery though though what was present were the mutants being hurled high due to the throwing arms of Behemoths in the distance attempting to use the living tools to breach the wall to little effect.

    What was noticed by the man was that some sections of the walls were beginning to crack under the abuse of body after body was thrown against them. He didn't see but he could hear the section of wall break free and land on the ground, unknowingly it trapped one of the sentries. "You have to be kidding.." is grumbled within his suit as news of the trapped knight reaches one of the several active comlink channels.

    At first Devlin turns away, planning to ignore the man but then he noticed something, or someone rather. Activating his VATS sub system, he targeted the woman's head, back and left arm before focusing onto her head once again, looking at her face. "That mousy pilot? The hell can she.. Moron.." is grumbled as he shifts his position, holstering his laser pistol before keying up onto his own comms. "Krysta.. Krysta, this is Devlin. I am moving to the base of the Southern Wall, a Knight is down. I could use some assistance here, do you read me?"
     Krysta crackled over the comm. "Aye, I read you. On my way." And then she began to move, her unpowered armor keeping her relatively safe, though she still bore a bruise from a certain run-in with a certain vertibird. She wasn't far from Devlin so it would not take her long to get to his location. Then again it wasn't hard to see the downed knight either so...
Lowry      Lowry has seen his share of action today, the dust all over his garments and the blood from a patched up wound on his side clearly visable. He seems no worse for the wear though as he barks some orders at a few caravan guards. Not necessairly a squad or anything...perhaps just men who know each other or have some cause in mind.

"Jim! You and Bart with me." He screams now. Taking a knee real quick he points to the wall where it is damaged a hundred yards away to the east. "Don't worry about that. It's wired enough hundreds o' feet out to keep 'em busy for hours. It's there," He points now to a spot on their west. "Pry only another handfull of detonations there. We'll concentrate fire there. Hopefully keep 'em out till the A.M." He stands now and leads the men to some rubble for cover before they direct fire.

     Then he sees Shiloh. "That aint lookin' good." He motions to Bart, "Go lend a hand." The man nods and gets two steps before an incoming laser blast disentegrates his face....Lowry looks a /little/ guilty. "Everyone stay down Damnit!! Let the boys in the power armor go fer' Christs sakes!"
Davidson The fallen knight isn't noticed from the top of a crumpled vehicle - crushed under a stone thrown by one of the hulking super-mutants - where Davidson's currently perching, using the craggy edge of that rough chunk of rock as cover as he provides cover for patrols. Just the long barrel of his rifle might give him away from the angle of the horde, or perhaps a glint from his scope.

The sudden burst of movement catches his attention, and he swings his aim that way - recognizing the technician, he frowns. "Where in the hell is she going..?" He sweeps his gaze across her path, checking for any targets that might crop up, giving Shiloh cover. Whatever her task might be!
Kaydin     Kaydin had been scouting nearby when he heard the man yelling. He makes his way closer to the sound, revolver drawn as he watches the area. He makes his way to the downed man and the people beginning to gather. "Great, now we will have enough people here soon to move this." He says as he looks around. "So whats the plan, ma'am?" He asks Shiloh.
Shiloh      When Shiloh manages to reach the downed sentry after ducking and jumping frantically out of the way of the shell casings, debris, and bodies charging forward. She looks around the rock and chews on her lip in a nervous fit when she can't figure out an immediate solution. Through the sentry's helm blood can be seen flicked across his visor after a strong cough, likely from one of his lungs getting damaged and straining under the squeeze of a broken rib. He tries to focus in on Shiloh and reaches a hand out towards her.

     At first, she takes the hand in hers and starts to pull and squeeze to get the man out, but that isn't happening with the weight of the wall -and- the armor weighing too much for the somewhat scrappy woman. She releases it as she stumbles backwards from her hand slipping and stares at him in confusion. She looks around and tries to call to the others, "Help, he's bleeding!"

     With Kaydin at least by her side in moments, Shiloh looks relieved and she looks at the rock, "We...we need to roll it off of him or try to leverage it or something! Help me try to push?" Her shoulder braced against the wall and leaving enough room for Kaydin to work too, Shiloh starts struggling to try to push the chunk of wall off of the downed man. "He might need help getting to the Medbay after that." Meanwhile some of the more gangly limbed mutants are scuttling up on the wall and struggling to try to squeeze through whatever gaps they find, close enough to Shiloh and Kaydin that they could both hear its raspy hisses and growls from overhead.
Devlin     Using his right hand, Devlin taps at his helmet lightly, adjusting some of the external tabs and pressure sensors. The motion alters his speak from a private comlink to a speaker system, allowing those around him to hear the man's now monotone voice, "A good third of the men here are bleeding, that's not saying too much right now. What is he bleeding from? Can he move his digits within the suit, how well can he breath within the suit?"

    Question after question is asked, not giving Shiloh much, if any, time to answer before the next one was asked, worst of all it was hard to tell if he wanted an answer for everything asked. Shifting his gaze from one side to the next, Delvlin notices Kayden closing around the area as well, though he couldn't tell what the man hoped to get done from trying to lift the slab of concrete and steel bare handed.

    With Krysta on her way, Devlin began to move around the cite, studying just how much of the weight was actually on the power armor, along with a tipping point for the heavy slab. Not once did Devlin begin to help with the desperate effort to simply use brute force yet.
     Krysta arrived shortly after Devlin and took a look around. She eyed Kaydin and pondered shooting him then turned her rifle out at the mutants. On her private channel, she muttered something unintelligible. Then on external comm, "Get the wall off him Devlin. He stays he dies, get his ass inside he might survive. We stay here too long WE die." She was aiming to shoot anything that got too close.
Lowry The commotion continues, explosions, gun fire laser blasts. Lowry just stays down out of sight as far from the action as he can. Nothing it seems he can do right now but try to stay alive.
Davidson As those gangly mutants are spotted, Davidson swears under his breath; shifting into a more ready position as he sweeps the barrel after Shiloh. "What's so damn important about a rock," he mutters under his breath, unable to see the man pinned beneath it. Still, he keeps a watchful eye out, trying to make sure nothing goes after her or the others joining her.
Camilla     Camilla, Shanty Towns resident medical doctor, had decided that it was in everyone's best interest that a trained medical type with some combat training should really be on the front lines helping those from the City that were here. So, here she is, up on the wall with her rifle and her medical bag and supplies. She does, unlike most, actually see what Shy and Kaydin are getting at, someone is in trouble. Once she sees it, she's following in Shy's foot steps, dodging, jumping, and running to get over there and help out. "I'm a doctor!" she blurts out, just incase Shy and Kaydin and anyone else doesn't know her, or recognize her from the shanty town clinic.
Shiloh      Shiloh hesitates and tries to tell Devlin, "I don't know, it's just coming up when he coughs! Maybe his throat is hurt or his chest? He's sort of gasping a lot so I don't know how well he can breathe, but he can move one of his arms at least." She struggles trying to keep up with answering all the questions, meanwhile Devlin and others would be able to see and wager that the wall chunk had to be at least two hundred or more pounds pressing down on the man. The chunk is on its side right now, but one corner is chipped and uneven, so it may roll over more easily if pushed in on that direction.

     When Camilla comes over, Shiloh smiles brightly and steps back, "H-He's hurt, I don't know what's wrong and Kyne wants to know, can you help him?" She trusted Camilla, remembering her for her efforts to help the wounded stationed at Qwillis' bunker over a month ago.

     While everyone is trying to get the man out, one of the mutants is sent barreling overhead as the section of wall it was trying to get through is obliterated by three hulking super mutants roaming together. They're armed with nothing more than their own bones that are broken and potruding through their knuckles as what must be some of the most painful makeshift knuckles there has to be. The lead mutant's nostril's flare and his head turns to the most fresh scent of blood and bodies. It roars and points over at the group, the other two behind it jumping and hitting their chests in primal excitement.
Lowry Lowry pops up and aims. BOOM. He let's a shot ring out before quickly popping back behind cover.
Davidson A careful bead's drawn... but the shot from Lowry makes the mutant recoil in a stumble back, and the bullet from Davidson's rifle goes whizzing off into the night. He swears, ducking back down to rechamber his rifle.
     Krysta just turned and growled. Her gun lifted and automatic fire sprayed at the swarm, hitting the mutants in the chest with more than a dozen bullets.
Shiloh      Shiloh cries out and covers her head with her arms when the Super Mutants come busting through the wall. She scrambles to get ahold of her laser musket and lines it up with one of the mutants, letting energy build and crackle at the end of the weapon while it wells and charges. When she does squeeze the trigger, the shot is so hard that it sends her stumbling back a good couple of feet and makes her hit her back hard on the ground.
Camilla     Well, shit, super mutants while she's trying to help get this poor man some help. The mutant's busting through suprises the hell out of her, and she yelps and snaps up her rifle and just holds the trigger down. The weapon spews out mini fireballs and gunsmoke with a steady stacato of pow, pow, pow echoing in rapid succession as she empties her entire magazine at the horde. Thankfully, she does actually manage to do /some/ damage.
Devlin     Moving his left hand to his right wrist, Devlin taps at his forearm several times to no visible effect to anyone around him. Within his helmet, a new overlay begins to light up, tracking the three super mutants and guides hit first shot.. The ray of focused light pierces through the creature's left eye, leaving the center of the sphere with a seered hole allowing a breeze to drift into the now soup like brain. The second shot wasn't as effective, though the super mutant was down onto its hands and knees, the right knee was sottered together, leaving the creature able to rise but now it was left o hobble around, likely ending his adventuring career, though he could always become a guard if he lives. "Lets finish these creatures here before they manage to cause more damage! Focus on the gimp with the limp!"
Lowry Lowry smiles as he peaks and sees the Mutant stumble. But, when he only seems enraged the cowboy complains, "Aww shoot! And that broad has ma' shotgun!"

     "MOVE!" He screams to the other man with him. "We aint' set up fer' this kind of fight!" He takes aim to let one loose at the mutants leg when he pops up, slow the bastard down. Then, he would follow his man to the next available spot of cover further from the wall not taking notice if he purchased mutant flesh with his shot
Shiloh      One of the Super Mutants stumbles backwards, his body shaking from being under not only the pock shots from afar up on the walls but also from the torrential fire of assault weapons coming at him from Krysta and Camilla. He's about to get up angry and fuming with rage when his left eye splatters apart and a bloody crater forms exposing the swollen remains that was once a human-like skull. Its good eye rolls back and he slumps to the ground dead, while one of the other mutants falls down on its only unshattered knee.

     The only one that's barely managed to avoid the fire-fight glares at Devlin and roars out again as he comes barrelling at him in a charge, swinging and swiping in a blind attempt to swat at him and destroy the man who killed what could have been his brother in arms. The other, less able to move so freely, drags its bad leg behind it and leaves a bloody trail as it goes for Krysta, swinging a massive fist against her chest and leaving behind the marks of its hand and bone behind after its swing.
Davidson The idea of cover is finally abandoned by Davidson, as he pushes up over it to take aim again. One shot goes wide as the charging mutant moves past it, but the next... a solid shot to the green-skinned horror's side, leaving a gory looking hole where the bullet punched through. It'd be serious for someone who's not built like a walking tank. Unfortunately, Supermutants actually are.
     Krysta watched the mutant take a swing and hit her square int he chest. It set her back a pace but she didn't fall. She would be bruised later probably, but it wasn't stopping her now. She turned her rifle out and aimed right for the thing's head, following up with his chest. But the bastard was still upright.
Kaydin     Kaydin jumps back when the mutants come. He had dropped his gun and reclaimed it before raising his pistol and opening fire, fanning the hammer as he keeps the gun aimed at the mutant, his shots hitting into mutant flesh before bringing it down, looking to see where the other mutant was at so he could shoot it.
Shiloh      Shiloh's hands are still shaking and trembling as she tries to find the battery packs shekeeps. She replaces it into the musket and levels it to aim at the only one still standing when she notices that the second one has fallen into a heap in front of Krysta after just barely enduring her swarm of bullets; only to be finished off by Kaydin's pistol shot. The light crackles and builds up and she takes a deep breath to hold it and steady her weapon. By the time she squeezes the trigger, a massive bolt of energy crackles straight into the last mutant's chest, causing it to stumble a step back away from Devlin.
Camilla     Camilla's reactions here, are trying to protect the hurt soldier, as well as herself. However, she's forgotten to get in to cover and is just kneeling in the open. She reloads her weapon with another mag, takes aim, and lets loose with one ten round burst striking a baddy in the leg.
Lowry Lowry dives behind a pile of rocks slamming into his companion. He veers over the top and says, "Shit! That fuck is still alive! Trying to get his weapon, Jim! Let loose!" His buddy starts firing off ill aimed pop shots from his old repeater and Lowry lines up a shot himself before getting back down.

     His buddy is really getting into it though, "AAAAHHHHHH!!!" He is screaming as he wastes away the last of his rounds. But, he is still cocking and shooting seemingly unaware. "Down you Fuck!" Lowry screams attempting to pull him back into cover. Finally he falls like a sack of muckfruit. He's got no head! Lowry just shrugs. "Screw this tune." He shakes his head, grabs a picture from his old friends corpse and hightails it towards the citadel keeping a hand on his hat as the commotion continues around him.
Devlin     With the chaos moving all around, especially with most of those shots going close to either his own head or Krysta's, Devlin was on high alert. Not seeming to even notice Shiloh's retreat at the moment, he holsters his laser pistol and moves to grasp a pipe over his shoulder. Cutting shallow, Devlin forces the edge against the Supermutant's chest, forcing the creature back with the force while spilling his blood enough to coat much of the blade's edge in a crimson layer. "There's only one left, don't let it suffer and kill this mutant!"
Shiloh      With both of its squad down and taking a dirt nap, and its chest bleeding freely from the gash made by Devlin's bumper sword, the mutant roars out to the heavens above and bashes its fists on its chest mightily enough that it can be heard even by those up on the walls. With its battle-cry made, it tries to wail down on Devlin with its bone-studded hands for everything its worth, bashing on the power armor the man wears. It doesn't know the meaning of surrender and all it knows is its thirst for blood and need for vengeance on those defending the Citadel.
Davidson Crack! One of Davidson's bullets ricochets off a piece of fallen wall.

The scout closes one eye, sighting carefully down the barrel... and then squeezes the trigger as the mutant rears its head back to roar, another sharp crack of sound echoing across the battlefield, followed by a gory spray as the bullet strikes the super-mutant in the cheek and jaw, an unpleasant and painful - but not fatal - wound.
     Krysta aft shooting the crap out of the other two mutants somehow managed to miss the last one. She eyed her weapon for a second wondering if it was suddenly possessed.....
Kaydin     Kaydin raises his revolver, aiming down the revolver and opens fire, the bullet flying through the air and embedding itself into the cranium of the mutant. He then looks to others and knows he will have to reload soon, he believed it to be his last shot.
Shiloh      Shiloh looks over at Krysta and then at Kaydin both looking astounded by the fact that they could work together to take out another so fast. She crawls backwards and works on putting another battery pack into her musket, leveling it with the mutant. From the way it stands and wobbles, she doesn't give the musket time to charge and just fires off a single beam that goes wide over the mutant's head, jolting past very close to his right ear.
Camilla     "FUCKING DIE ALREADY!" snaps out Camilla at the top of her lungs as she brings that rifle back up, and lets loose on one of the Mutants, one she manages to drop after pumping gods know how many rounds in to it.
Devlin     Going through the motions, Devlin doesn't wait long or even seem to realize the super mutant was dead. Stepping into the next swing, he lowers his body slightly and slides a leg forward as he rolls with the massive blade. The motion uses the blade as a guillotine, attempting to cut the creature's head off seeing that Camilla managed to 'stagger' it. Once the blade struck into the side of the creature's neck a little too easily, Devlin looks towards it questioningly.. only to realize he just struck a corpse, not an active soldier. "Oh.. How long was this thing dead?" is asked with flat monotone voice, despite his utter confusion. Shifting upwards, Devlin puts a heel to the super mutant's chest and kicks, attempting to retrieve his blade. "Wait, there's that fallen Knight?"
Lowry Lowry dives again then levels his pistol in time to see Devlin finishing him off....or someone. It's over. All he really knows is that he lost both his comrades today patrolling out there and there is no lack of mutants.. "Fucking Jim." He murmurs, mostly out of breath as he squeezes the picture in his hand and continues toward the citadel.
Davidson As the final mutant stumbles back and collapses to the ground, Davidson finally breathes... dropping himself down in a slide to the other side of the boulder he was using as cover earlier, settling the rifle in his lap to reload. No telling when he'll need to snap off a few more shots, after all, so he should be ready for when it comes. Wiping sweat from his brow with the back of his hand, he focuses on the task at hand.
     Krysta watched Camilla drop the final mutant and sighed, but simply took a guard position. On her external comm she barked, "Hurry it up, people."
Kaydin     Kaydin reloads the revolver and holsters it as he moves to the nearby brotherhood of steel member and tries to lift the wall off of him, pushing his back and legs into it as he looks to the others. "Come on and help." He grunts out as he tries to get the wall off of the man.
Shiloh      Shiloh breathes heavily as she watches Devlin cut up the dead super mutant in what seemed like pre-programmed motions. When he looks away, she looks up at him and Krysta with an apologetic look in her eye while she climbs up to her feet. "Th-thank you all..." She manages to mumble for everyone still there, "I...I didn't know they would get so close so fast...I just...I wanted to help him." She glances up and blinks in surprise when the groan of the fallen Brother of Steel reminds her of pressing matters. "O-Okay, if we work together, we can get this off of him." She shoulders her laser musket again and heads back over to where she was pushing on the wall before to lean into a brace again. "On the count of three? One...two...three!" That's when Shiloh would start pushing with all of her might again in an effort to budge the wall off of it. With Kaydin and maybe a couple of the others' help, the wall chunk would be rolled off of the man. His suit is caved in on his back, the metal split and blood starting to seep through the cracks. "Th...thank you." He wheezes out, but he adds unfortunately, "I-I can't feel my legs all starting to...fade..."
Camilla     Camilla's a bit shaken, but, there's still work to be done and well, she's the one to do it. She spins about and sets her bag on the ground, helps with the wall and then moves to look the man over. "Med Bay!" she snaps up at everyone, "NOW." With out skipping a beat, or waiting for any replies, she's up on her feet and making steps to get back inside the building. She stops, spins around and nods her head inside again, "I mean it.."
Devlin     Rolling the blade around his shoulders, Devlin anchors the blade behind his shoulders, settling it along his spine before starting to walk forward. With his balanced centered, he follows after Camilla's cry and moves down to one knee as he slips one arm under the suited legs before the other shifts under the man's back to lift him, suit and all. The weight didn't appear that bad, though the truth was the suit Devlin wore bore most of the true weight as he begins to steadily march forward.. march, not run, it didn't appear as if Devlin could run. "Moving. Krysta, Shiloh, Kay.. Kaydar? Get the area cleared for me. I can't trip or I'll land on him. The other two can work on making sure Camilla gets to the medical bay and has a cot and a tool to pry this core out of him."
Shiloh      "R-Right.." Shiloh tells Devlin at his word and pulls her musket back off of her, "Once we get in the Citadel, I need to break off. I still need to get the ammo for the Scorpion and get back out there." She nods over and smiles at Krysta and Kaydin both, and then they can all start their trudging march to the Citadel. Its harrowing under fire, and there are still some mutants trying to crash and worm their way in through the southern wall. The three of them, with the help of the sentries still roaming about in an absolute panic, are able to keep any other mutants from getting too close to Devlin as he marches with the fallen Brother in his arms. Thankfully, the farther they get from the wall itself, the closer they got to the eye of the storm that is the Citadel for the time being. When they get inside, Shiloh does indeed part ways with them after offering her hasty and grateful thanks of gratitude again so that she can return to the Mech and her awaiting partner. The others are able to make it up to the Medbay with the Brother of Steel, and Camilla is free to start on treating his many cuts, bruises, punctured lung, and many broken ribs.