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Iris Lark The medbay released Iris, but cautioned her to stay quiet and not get into trouble. That doesn't leave much to do, so Iris sits out in the courtyard, out of the way and watches people making bombs, molotov cocktails and other nefarious things for a battle. She has her hat pulled down over her eyes, heck, someone might even think she's sleeping.
Nemo Out walks trouble, or Nemo rather, out into the courtyard. With the inside of it lit up to some degree, he has a good view of the various buildings and hangars, and all the tents interconnecting them. He strides through the many refugees, shirtless with his coveralls tired around his waist. Shaking his greasy hair out his face, he comes up on a collapsed barracks, right in Iris' line of sight.

He steps around the metal building, it's roof only three feet above the ground, atop it's collapsed inner walls and rubble. Anything once inside is buried beneath a solid metal roof still partially attached the front wall. He tugs at it, though, trying to relentlessly lift the massive chunk of debris. He sets down his whiskey bottle, (still half full), and grabs onto a piece of rebar, wiggling it around, "C'mooon... C'moon out."
Iris Lark Iris quirks a brow as she watches him pull and twist at the rebar. "What are you doing?" She finally asks, pushing her hat up slightly as she leans forward, more into the light. "You look as if you're up to no good, mostly." She shakes her head and chuckles. "Don't get hurt...again."
Nemo Nemo looks to Iris, surprised initially, befoer he laughs, "Ah, lovely Miss Iris! Good to see you're moving around." He lets go of the rebar, briefly, then points at the building, "Jus' messin' around with trash... I uh... Hmm." He spots a coil of rope right outside someone else's tent, but apparently they're sleeping or not around, because no one starts screaming. "Looking for anythin' useful, you know? And what about yourself?"

He pulls that rebar almost all the way out of the loose and crumbly cement, before bending the tip into a 'U' shape carefully. Then the took the long spike about thirty feet away from the building with a brick, and started hammering it into the ground, "You ever find anything useful in these parts? I've been stuck in the pits since I got here, fixin' up what we can, but we're running out of parts and vehicles. Even more, now that a bunch were shot up, I hear."
Iris Lark "I've found a few things, mostly things that others..might call garbage. I have a store though, so that stuff is just..stock." Iris replies, and she glances down at her hands as she shrugs. "I'm not doing anything, honestly. Just...getting some air, I suppose." She gazesag the rebar again and lets out a sigh. "I just want to go home, maybe I should have taken the offer of the Vertibird." She says, joking a bit as she manages a smile.
Nemo Nemo runs one end of the rope through his stake's loop, nodding to Iris as she talks, "I can't blame you there. Big things are comin', buncha small things are fuckin' up. I heard a bit about what's goin' on... that sabatuer." He starts walking towards the opposite end of that collapsed barracks, boots thudding on the metal rooftop. He finds a good solid beam or stud to tie onto, and returns.

Taking the end on the spike, he starts pulling it through the rebar loop, the front of the roof acting as a fulcrum as the whole thing starts to rise on the back end. "You knew him, huh?" Nemo wraps the rope around his waist to keep it from slipping, and to keep his leverage.
Iris Lark "He thinks that we're meant to be or something." Iris replies, watching Nemo work with the rope and rebar. She leans back against the wall of the citadel and she shifts, getting comfortable. "There is way too much going on outside the walls to deal with things going on inside of it as well. I hope he'll stay away now."
Nemo Nemo pulls at the rope in fits and starts until the roof it almost vertical now, and a single, hairless rat runs out of the barracks. A few people have glanced over, curious what the man is doing, but no one runs to scavenge his goods, since he does have a .308 on his back, and recent stirrings in the Citadel have caused a lot of competition to turn into cooperation instead. Nemo climbs beneath the roof, and starts digging around, yelling out, "That's a good way to look at it! If yer fightin' for peace, inside walls, from somethin' outside, why let anythin' disturb that. Maybe he'll get laid, somewhere between her and there, eh?" He stumbles, then finds a large chunk of angle iron, "Hey, found some good plate metal!" He starts to walk out, triumphant, before the rope snaps and part of the roof falls on him, scraping up his leg as he leaps out. A small, collective gasp can be heard beneath the crashing of sheet metal and stone, wood snapping and groaning, and Nemo groaning too. He's woken more than few people up. "Aww... shit... That hurt. Still.. Iron. Iron Oxide. Rusticulus Ridiculous."
Iris Lark "Hopefully you won't need more chems and alcohol to salve that hurt." Iris says, her brow furrowed a bit as she tries not to laugh. That hurts right now. "I don't know why he's doing what he's doing, maybe he's hell, I can't really make any excuses for him." She reaches into her rucksack and pulls out a flask. "Water and spirits, clean that up at least?"
Nemo Nemo hops away from the collision site, telling everyone nearby, "I'm okay! It's alright! Official business, it's over." He starts appluading himself, on his way towards Iris, and one confused soul stops making his molotov cocktail to clap too. Once the dusty greaser settles down beside Iris, "I'll be okay, I think." He points to his leg, "Mostly superficial." He pours a little whiskey on the wound, then takes a shot, "Sssaaahhh. Now, this guy, Fuck? Just did some shit. I try not to think of it as, like, good or bad or stupid. Just an animal, shot up a place, had some strong emotions while doin' it. Me? I want them things, fixed, so I do it. And you want uh... Whatcha want, Riss?"
Iris Lark "Well, I think I just want to live to be old and gray, and be happy. That's about it really." Iris responds, grinning over at Nemo before she rolls her eyes a bit. "His name is Vuk, not Fuck, but he's fucked up now. For sure." She glances around the citadel and adds. "I think I want to stay home from now on too, I always say I'm staying home, and then this stuff happens and I'm afraid to leave my friends, so I go as well."
Nemo Nemo shakes his head, "I don' wanna be old and grey, but I sure don't wanna die soon either, but, as long as it means somethin', I'm okay with my death. It's wy I volunteer for crazy shit like this." He shrugs, "At least I wasn't one of those guys who tripped on a stick in the woods, and no one ever knew."
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Nemo and her gaze turns contemplative for a few moments. "Well how old are you actually?" She asks, squinting at him as she tries to discern this on her own. "I never thought I would see twenty, but here I am, right? So..maybe you'll end up being old and gray anyways."
Nemo Nemo cackles and slaps his knee, "You're twenty years old? That's hilarious. I'm, shit, like thirty-five. I remember being twenty, that was right around the time I moved to El Dorado. Course, I was on the outskirts of where Shantytown is now. I do... I do want to see El Dorado, survive, you know?" He looks to Iris, offering her some of her whiskey, "I'd like to think it could last long enough, that anything I did there matter infinitely."
Iris Lark Iris takes the whiskey and glances briefly towards the direction where the medbay is before she takes a sip and passes it back. "I'm actually twenty four." She admits and she chuckles quietly. "I spent more than twenty years with the Legion though, so in terms of experience, I'm probably fifty." She snorts and she lets out a soft sigh. "I loved Shantytown when I lived there, people were rather amazing to each other." She lets out a yawn and blinks, surprised at herself.
Nemo Nemo peers aside at Iris, and pushes to his feet. "The world can be pretty fuckin' good, sometimes." He holds out a hand to help her up, "You oughta get inside. If shits gonna go down tomorrow, it'll be at dawn or dusk, I betcha. Plus, we'll need you stitching up brave wounded soldiers like me, eh?" He bares his teeth in a wide grin.
Iris Lark Iris accepts the hand up and she nods at Nemo's words. "Sometimes, but then.." She trails off and turns to head towards the medical bay again, one hand raised in farewell. "I hope it's not tomorrow, I'm not nearly knitted enough to be shootin yet." She glances once over her shoulder and smirks. "I'll sew you up all right, sew that mouth right shut." She chuckles at herself and nods. "Good night, Nemo."
Nemo Nemo gives a polite and cordial wave, leaning on one foot and balancing there as he keeps waving. And then Iris is out of sight, and Nemo breaks into a little dance. "Hahaha, you old fucker you. Smooth as shit, ya! And a Shantytown girl turned real friggin' Doctor." He stops dancing, an old woman on a barrel snickering at him. He joins in, and waves to her, "Life is crazy, no?" Off he goes, drinking and swaggering.