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Our goal is to make your application as simple as possible and once you are approved you are added to the Roster (+ROSTER) of players and will get the chance to generate weekly rewards and other cool bonuses.

All you need to do to play here is go ahead and make a character at the connection screen.

As we are in BETA, we do have some guidelines:

- Your character must be human.

It is suggested that your character hail from the city of El Dorado which is the primary role-play location for the game, but you are free to explore whatever concepts you wish. As particular issues come up or concepts are overdone, they will be added to the Restricted List.

You will need to complete Character Generation (Although Staff can help with this, to the point of even setting SPECIAL for you if need be). You will also need to fill out a background. This can be as long or as short as you like, but you may gain bonuses for being detailed instead of overly sparse.

We allow Alternate Characters on Fallout: El Dorado but we have some requirements!

  • You must have received a minimum of 10 Votes from other players before you are eligible to create an alternate character. This means you must role-play with 10 others before you can create an alt. This applies to your most recently made character, so you cannot make a new alt until you earn 10 votes on the prior character.
  • You must be sure to bind your alternate character to your Account, if you have not created an account, you must do this before making an alternate character. You are not required to set your email if you are not comfortable doing this.
  • Your alternate character may NOT interact with your other characters without permission. If in a GMed scene, this permission comes from the GM or Staff Member in Charge and should only be done with good reason. If in a social scene, it is up to everyone there.
  • Your characters cannot help or benefit from your other characters in any way. If you feel like it might be cheating, it probably is! Don't do it!
  • Alternate Characters should not be created just to run Scavenge and Investigation more. If we notice this happening, we reserve the right to limit further request fulfillment from players who are not actively playing alts and are just running code on them.

There are several different application bonuses you can get, these are listed in this news file.

Standard Bonuses

  • Native of El Dorado: Grants you a 250 Resource Bonus + A place to live.

Age Bonuses
  • Under 20: +10 Karma Bonus.
  • Under 25: 250XP, 50 Resources & +5 Karma Bonus.
  • 25+: 500XP & 100 Resource Bonus.
  • 30+: 1000XP & 200 Resource Bonus.
  • 35+: 1500XP & 300 Resource Bonus & the ability to have 2 Archetypes.
  • 40+: 1750XP & 400 Resource Bonus & the ability to have 2 Archetypes.

* Please note, age bonuses are not cumulative. You only get one age bonus.

Quality Bonus
  • Barebones: Application does not have much detail. No Bonus.
  • Detailed: You will gain up to a 500XP/Resources bonus.
  • Exceptional: The kind of app we send others to as an example. You will gain up to a 1000XP/Resources bonus.

Currently there are no restricted concepts, unless you count all non-humans. Yes we're very xenophobic! PURGE THE HERETIC! SLAY THE XENOS! lol
On a serious note, I will entertain very good concepts for ghouls possibly!

If you wish to play a younger character, we are not fully opposed but there are some requirements, restrictions and limitations.

You must have played actively on the game for 30 days or more. No exceptions. Activity is up to the discretion of staff but generally means you are earning votes on a regular basis and logging in. Making a character and then logging back in 30 days later will not count.

Your primary RP should be centered on a settlement, like El Dorado. You will be required to be part of a player family, this means you are someone's child or relative and they have some kind of guardianship over you. We will not allow wunderkins, Child PCs start with a negative XP Pool they must earn their way out of. You will be restricted from participating in scenes that are not within the City of El Dorado or your chosen settlement. If your Guardian runs a Scene not in the City, they can opt to take you if they wish. Absolutely no sexual activity, no exceptions, no explanations; we find out, you lose the PC. No skills over 3 in CG, if you raise any over 3 you will lose the excess skill points when we lower it down. You should also NOT spend your bonus XP you get in Room 4 of CG.

Your PC may be from 13-17. With 3:1 time, that means you will be aging up once every 4 RL months. When your PC is 16 or older, they are free to join the Militia or Sheriff's Department or any other faction. When your PC is 18 or older, you will lose your Child Archetype and be given a proper Archetype, as well as brought out of negative XP.

This means that playing a child/teenager PC is about the role-play. It's not about becoming a munchkin or gaining power or prestige. You will largely remain static in progression until Adulthood.

Please put in a request with your concept if you meet the requirements so we can begin the process.

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