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Story line

The Storyline of Fallout: El Dorado is separated into a series of chapters that contain information on what happened over various periods of time, much of it being completely dictated by the actions of players.

Each series of Chapters are grouped into 'Seasons' like a TV show, look at it like each Chapter being a series of episodes and what they lead to.

Every Season has overall metaplots and storylines that are there for players to uncover in addition to all of the player created plots, random adventures and even trials and tribulations of the people of this Wasteland.


We use a 3:1 time ratio for the moment

Season 1: The Wild Wasteland

Welcome to El Dorado

Timeframe Summary
March, 2282 El Dorado is filled with activity ranging from the arrival of a Brotherhood of Steel Knight who claims to be the sole survivor of a Raider Horde that is moving in from Mexico to the death of Sheriff Wayne; the only Sheriff the town has ever known. The near-by Town of Acme is over-run by Bandits from Texas who begin looting and pillaging the town.
Multiple events of note take place in the New Mexico Wasteland during the course of March:
  • An expedition is lead into the southern wastes deep in Sand Snakes territory to verify that a crashed Vertibird did indeed exist, lending some credence to the errant Knight's story.
  • El Dorado has been left without a Sheriff for the time being and many within the community are having to step up and organize things the Sheriff's Department tended to do.
  • A scouting mission to Roswell confirms that it is indeed badly over-run with feral ghouls.
  • Various deeds are accomplished throughout the city including the recovery of stolen horses and other tasks that the citizens needed accomplished.
  • The town of Acme was liberated from the bandits known as the Motorhead Gang. The grateful people of Acme were relieved by the actions of those who had saved their town and several wasteland wanderers even decided to settle there and help protect the settlement.

The Wild Wasteland

Timeframe Summary
Early April, 2282 Things begin to pick up in El Dorado as the largest influx of new blood in years migrates into the region. There is action and adventure but little word on the threat of 'The Horde' that is rumored to be across the border in Mexico; a militia patrol sent by Captain Manuelito Romero two weeks ago into Mexico fails to report back.
Multiple events of note take place in the New Mexico Wasteland during the course of Chapter 2:
  • Expeditions are lead into Roswell to try and clear out some of the ghouls and acquire sweet salvage.
  • An NCR Ambassador arrives in the city.
  • A group of would-be adventurers is abducted by Aliens in the Roswell Scrapyard. This isn't real, is it?
  • Several whores are murdered in El Dorado but there is no sign of their killer or evidence to give any clues as to who may have been responsible.
  • Numerous adventures and quests are undertaken in the Wastelands including fixing a damaged water pump and the retrieval of various items for the people of El Dorado including tattoo and gunsmithing equipment.
  • The son of the weapon shop owner is saved from cannibals and returned safely to El Dorado.
  • Radio Roswell becomes a new hit in the New Mexico Wasteland after a group of adventurers face off against David Ghoulie in a 'rock off' beneath Roswell.
  • Jack's Town comes under attack by Centurion Primo and his subordinate Decanus Lariat along with an elite unit of Legion soldiers. The scumbags presently in the town end up engaged in battle for hours before a group of heroes from El Dorado arrive to aid them. Centurion Primo and Decanus Lariat are killed and their forces are broken and wiped out to a man. This this does not signal an end to the Legion threat in New Mexico it does deprive them of their senior-most officer in the region.

All Along The Watchtower

Timeframe Summary
Late April, 2282 Efforts continue to clear out Roswell of Feral Ghouls in the hopes of creating a safe route through the city haunted by the living dead and strange lights in the sky alike. There are numerous minor events around the city including the return of the Militia Patrol that Captain Romero sent into Mexico over a month ago.
  • As usual, numerous adventures take place throughout the Wasteland including an encounter with a Deathclaw, and a man apparently killing a Yao Guai (Bear) by ripping its dick off....
  • An expedition is led into the cap mines to clear out the Feral Ghouls who had infested it recently allowing it to once more open up and begin production of valuable caps for the City of El Dorado through CAP MINING!!
  • Multiple expeditions are lead into Roswell for reasons ranging from the recovery of supplies such as fabric to more blunt applications of force like collecting bounties on the ghouls out there.
  • A group encountered the Militia Patrol that Captain Romero had sent out a month ago, except they were not who they once were. They were a strange fusion of man and beast, a gibberish mass of limbs and tentacles. They had become centaurs, mutated by FEV in Mexico and returned to El Dorado for reasons unknown; maybe even a base instinct or drive to return home. If anything, it serves as confirmation that something dangerous is lurking to the south.
  • The Fight Club in Jack's Town opens for business.
  • Jimmy Muton, a Caravan Driver with Lone Star Caravans drives his Caravan through Roswell in an attempt to cut some time off his route and runs into trouble. Jimmy is being tracked by the Brotherhood of Steel as it turns out he is a defector. A group from El Dorado responds to the distress call and rescues Jimmy from the ghouls trying to kill him only to end up in a Mexican standoff with the Brotherhood of Steel who demand Jimmy be turned over to them.
Ashur attacks Paladin Grant, the leader of the group and everyone else takes off to try and escape the area as Brotherhood soldiers take aim and a Vertibird sweeps the area. In a deadly show of defiance, Ashur is able to kill Paladin Grant even as he is taken down by the Knights in the area. Thanks to the 'Sword of God' himself, NCR Support arrives in the area and the Brotherhood and NCR Forces kill each other to the man; leaving no survivors.
Scribe Monroe who had not participated in the battle attempted to check for survivors as Sergeant Joe Caine of the Militia arrived on scene with his squad. Ashur was returned to El Dorado and the Scribe was taken into custody.

The Times They Are A Changing

Timeframe Summary
Early May, 2282 In the aftermath of the skirmish in Roswell between the New California Republic and the Brotherhood of Steel, there have been concentrated efforts on behalf of the militia and local adventurers to secure the mostly intact city and insure that it can be a 'safe place' once more.

For many this like Acme is another step towards a more unified New Mexico Wasteland with the El Dorado Militia deploying patrols to both Roswell and Acme and bringing them under the protection of the City of El Dorado.

Within the City itself though, times are growing dire as Mayor Solomon enacts a new tax law on all residents and shops in the City in conjunction with the formation of his own 'police' force.

Roswell is cleared of Feral Ghouls and the largest threats in the city above ground are dealt with, which has resulted in the small ghoul community who had been hiding within the city to make themselves known.

Mayor Solomon has passed a new law to raise taxes on all residents as well as further raise property taxes for businesses.

In order to insure these taxes are collected, Mayor Solomon has formed a new group within the city; The Tax Collectors which are already being nicknamed the Men in Black by the citizens for their dark suits and fedoras.

The Tax Collectors are most definitely criminals of some kind and none of them are locals..

Death and Taxes.

Timeframe Summary
Late May, 2282 Tax Season continues throughout El Dorado and its expanded areas even as rumors continue to surface about the mutant horde in Mexico. Several more murders occur in the city, mostly of working girls or young women who don't have families.
For the most part, the majority of citizens in El Dorado pay their taxes, those that cannot or refuse to are not harassed in any large way other than a stern talking to from the 'Tax Men' who had seemed to be Gangsters.

Businesses who have refused to pay the Mercantile Tax have found themselves deprived of new stock by Lone Star Caravans, suggesting that Mayor Solomon may not have even been behind all of the tax raises.

While some prepare to take action against the Mayor, others call for a peaceful resolution; especially with elections coming up soon.

A flood of refugees has also begun to stream into Shantytown day by day, claiming to be from Mexico where they fled the oncoming Mutant Horde that had been sweeping aside everything in their path like a plague of locusts.

It is a young man named Jude from Vault Town who overturns the biggest clues in relation to the mysteries plaguing El Dorado when he comes across a grizzly scene just outside of the city. Unfortunately for him? Life was about to get more complicated than he ever imagined.

Set the World on Fire!

- Vault Team Six began to clear out the Lower-section of Vault Town that had been sealed off since Vault Town was initially cleared out to be settled. They find disturbing killer robots down there and decide to regroup and come back better prepared. - In Roswell, a group of adventurers finds the hidden Enclave facility beneath the city just as they are evacuating; within it they find horrifying evidence of Enclave cybernetic and genetic experiments. Thanks to some bad lies from Lucette, the facilities, A.I. designated Zax-52 gets quite angry with them and decides to wipe them all out. The team engages in battle with a massive scorpion mech that had been used by the pre-war United States Military even as Alice activates the self-destruct to the facility hoping to end Zax-52. Zax-52 has other plans and has uploaded his programming into an orbiting Satellite and decides to try and finish off the heroes with the automated defense systems of the facility even as Ashur, Dominic and many others perform devastating damage to the Scorpion Mech to help buy time. Alice fights against Zax in an epic hacking battle, remaining in the facility until everyone is out at great risk to herself so that the others have a better chance of escape. In the end, the facility is destroyed and Roswell is freed of the terrestrial monsters that haunted it. To the west, Dunwich looms.
Timeframe Summary
Early June, 2282 Tax Season comes to a close as events around the New Mexico Wasteland begin to conspire towards a showdown with a villain to many within the community. There is no doubt that Mayor Solomon's days are numbered and many have begun to announce their intention to run for Mayor in the wake of the coming elections.


- Mayor Solomon flees town! Sergeant Joe Caine is able to track him down to the Town of Gohauq where they find it occupied by raiders and gangsters as Solomon gathers his forces. Along with some NCR reinforcements and the Gunners, a group of El Doradans manages to stop Solomon from getting the caps he stole from the people of El Dorado, but are unable to stop the escape of the Fat Man himself who gets away in a car. Luckily, his captured Aide spills quite a bit of information to Joe Caine and Sparrow Drake. - The New Mexico Brotherhood of Steel secures a shipment of weapons for their armory and gains a valuable tool in the form of the Radio Tower they have repaired thanks to the efforts of the Chapter. It's only a matter of time before new recruits begin joining them! - A group of Adventurers led by Doomguy attempts to save some Ghouls from Roswell who have been kidnapped by a 'Raider Cult' to be sacrificed in a cave near Dunwich. They fight a monstrous type of Deathclaw, that can only be called a Hellclaw. Sadly they are unable to save the kidnapped ghouls and travelers have reported seeing more Hellclaws around Dunwich. - Elections finish in El Dorado and Katherine Caine, the granddaughter of Mayor Caine wins the election by a landslide. For the first time in months, a new Sheriff is also appointed now that the city has a Mayor who cares and Stockton Volkner becomes the new Sheriff of El Dorado. The end of June signifies the beginning of a bright new future for El Dorado and New Mexico itself.
Timeframe Summary
Mid-Late June, 2282 Mayor Solomon skips town but the caps he stole are recovered by brave El Doradans who stand up to him and his thugs. Elections happen and Katherine Caine is elected Mayor of El Dorado and Stockton Volkner is appointed to be Sheriff by her.

Hope's End.

Timeframe Summary
July, 2282 With the exception of an attack on Hope's Crossing, the month of July is fairly quiet in New Mexico. There is a great deal of reflection and thought by many as well as sharing of information and forging of bonds. The weeks and months ahead will be difficult indeed.
* With the threat of The Mutant Horde growing more clear and present, Mayor Caine shifts efforts from hunting down Jared Solomon to trying to mount an expedition into Mexico to investigate the Poseidon Energy Facility that both the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel have shown great interest in.
  • Despite the best efforts of the local Militia to keep the location of Dunwich a secret to avoid people injuring themselves or dying there, the strange town is rediscovered by local Samaritans who seek to uncover the mysteries that lurk within the town.
  • Rumors surface that Jared Solomon is now going by Boss Solomon and has formed The Solomon Crime Family out in Albuquerque.
  • Hope's Crossing, a small settlement on the border of New Mexico and Mexico comes under attack. The battle is fierce and there is no mercy shown to the people who live there by The Mutant Horde. Many Samaritans from El Dorado head to Hope's Crossing with the Militia, the local military even breaking out their infrequently used trucks to make the journey in record time. Unfortunately, there is no saving Hope's Crossing and even though the mutants are defeated at great cost, only six villagers are saved.
  • Business as usual continues in El Dorado as people settle into life with the threat of an army sweeping over their land hangs over their head. Mayor Caine holds an open Town Hall meeting and many issues are addressed including the changing of some old laws and adding some new laws to better protect residents and travelers.

Those Bastard Thingies

Timeframe Summary
August, 2282 Across El Dorado preparations are being made for the upcoming expedition to Mexico, vehicles are being pulled out of storage and being offered up for use as some old gearheads offer their services to the cause. Other groups continue their preparations while the good people of the City prepare to travel far past the Mexican City of Azteca towards the Poseidon Energy Research Facility hidden within Mexico.
* A young man named Qwillis leads a team in search of a lost Library somewhere in New Mexico.
  • A group heads into the Cap Mines after over a dozen workers are killed or go missing. They find some kind of strange creature in the newest mine shaft that seems to be nesting in an adjacent corridor. Dubbed 'Bastard Thingies' by Eden, these creatures are fast, deadly and seem almost unnatural, as if they were alien or at the very least bioengineered. The Samaritans are able to seal off the nest and presumably bury the creatures. The mine will surely be avoiding Shaft 17C in the future.
  • A group out trying to salvage in the Wasteland is chased by an unidentified flying object of some sort but the unlikely heroes that are The Enclave arrive in vertibirds to engage it in combat.
  • There are rumors that some Crimson Caravan Traders from the NCR have arrived in Albuquerque with deliveries for none other than Boss Solomon...
  • The Expedition to Mexico looms on the horizon and it along with the ultimate fate of El Dorado is on everyone's minds.

The Road Ahead

Timeframe Summary
Early September, 2282 The expedition into Mexico occupies much of the interest and time of the people of El Dorado, many of whom have friends or loved ones heading on this journey that might not just determine the fate of El Dorado and New Mexico but North America itself.
* A murder mystery event is hosted at the Gold Digger Saloon for Willow Caine's birthday in honor of her being the new manager.
  • The Expedition briefing takes place and it is explained that the primary objective of the mission is to gather information and secure any advantage against the mutants possible. Many believe there is a suspected bioweapon of some kind to be found at the Poseidon Energy Research Facility that is the ultimate destination.
  • The Expedition leaves from El Dorado and heads through New Mexico all the way into Arizona where they make camp before heading into Mexico itself.
  • The Expedition enters Mexico and makes camp at an old Mexican army base where they are able to find some supplies and refuel.

This Bitter Earth

Timeframe Summary
Late September, 2282 The Mexico Expedition is the major focus of things as they push deeper into Mexico, facing everything that stands between them and their ultimate goal of the Poseidon Energy Research Facility where some answers to the mysteries that are troubling them can be found and also the solutions to their problems they hope.
* The group encounters the part of The Mutant Horde that is heading into Arizona as they head deeper into Mexico and they are forced to breakthrough the Horde with no other way to go but through. The Expedition loses several people but Old Gregg one of the most important Doctors present is saved. Two vehicles are destroyed during the blockade running but they manage push through, of particular note are the heroics of the team of the car, Velocity, which drew the fire of Mutant Rocket teams to facilitate the final escape.
  • The Expedition arrived in the ruined city of Azteca which was once one of the largest post-war cities in the world possibly to find it had already been ravaged by the mutant horde. Tens of thousands were dead or worse yet, added to the numbers of the mutants. While in Azteca they encounter the head in a jar known as Doctor Van Doberstein who reveals he was once a scientist working at the Poseidon Energy Facility.
  • The Expedition arrives at Poseidon Energy to find it deserted with signs of a battle having taken place here recently. The outer portion of the facility is accessible but the main research complex requires a great deal of work to unlock which the group gets to work on immediately while they make camp in an abandoned hangar on the site.
  • The Expedition is assaulted by The Enclave who move in to re-secure the facility under the leadership of Zax-52. Directly commanding the assault is an Enclave Supersoldier who claims to be the Brother of Frank Horrigan. The battle results in several more of the Expedition's vehicles destroyed and several casualties, during the battle, Ashur is purposely infected with a strain of FEV and begins a slow transformation into a supermutant. The Enclave also moves in to secure the main research facility which is located on the Oil Rig.
  • Minor skirmishes with The Enclave forces occur but much of their efforts at further assaulting the base camp are denied due to their loss of air support early on, although it is likely they are operating from a further site off-shore based on the fact that troops arrived at the Oil Rig via boat. It is also possible that The Enclave wanted the group to succeed for some reason but the Expedition manages to acquire the codes to access the main research facility.
  • Key members of The Expedition make their way to the Primary Research Facility and gain access even as the Base Camp is under assault by The Enclave. Zax-52 taunts the group and only when they are deep in the facility does Enclave Supersoldier John Horrigan face the group alone.

Half of the team faces Horrigan while the other half heads into the research labs. Horrigan is defeated in an echo of events over one hundred years ago and the team inside of the lab finds the research data and possible samples they were looking for including an inoculation against FEV and a possible weapon.

They also find something else as they find out from the basecamp that The Enclave has been driven off and possibly sabotaged the Research Facility.

  • Access to three intact nuclear missiles are uncovered with the capability to remotely launch them. The group argues amongst itself on what to do as satellite imagery reveals that The Horde is much larger than it initially appeared. It's not one entity, it's several massive armies and the largest bulk of them are moving towards South America; a continent filled with far more lights than North America, implying a great number of people may be living there. The rest of the Horde seems to be moving towards Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

It is Squire Abreham McDonald who makes the tough choice and in spite of opposition including being shot at by Sparrow Drake he launches two of the nukes towards the bulk of the mutants heading for South America and the third towards the group heading to New Mexico.

Oddly enough, the nuclear missiles launch from space, there was at least one functioning B.O.M.B. Satellite out there..

  • As the nukes hit again for the first time in hundreds of years the charges The Enclave had set on the Research Facility explode and it begins to sink into the ocean. As the group makes their escape, over half of The Mutant Horde is obliterated and El Dorado is bought a great deal of time. There will no doubt be consequences as a result of these actions.

The In-Between

Timeframe Summary
October, 2282 It's been a month of peace and relative quiet since The Expedition to Mexico has returned, there has been a sense of relief in El Dorado as the people begin to return to their normal lives even amidst the continued construction of defenses. There are many notable albeit minor events that occur during this time in New Mexico. Outside of New Mexico, WAR has come. In Texas and Arizona, the Brotherhood of Steel and Broken Legion find themselves at war with The Mutant Horde.
* Marshal Romero begins leading a campaign to free Tinnie from Feral Ghouls who are inhabiting it presently in the hopes of freeing the people (Ghouls) who live there. Sparrow Drake also begins her own planning to aid several settlements in the West and near El Dorado to help prepare them against The Horde.
  • Professor Einstein, Old Gregg and Doctor Van Doberstein begin working on researching the strain of FEV that is being used to create the Mutant Horde under the coordination of Sparrow Drake.
  • Qwillis leads various citizens in community efforts including fixing a massive robot named WALL-E because the former construction robot will be helping with the construction of the wall around Shantytown. WALL-E has been nicknamed Brutus by the gang.
  • Iris Lark leads efforts to insure that Acme is better coordinated and drive community efforts in that regard.
  • The Davidson Family suffers an unexpected tragedy related to Dunwich and several within El Dorado including young Fern, Alice, and Vera have an encounter with the supernatural. (Huge shout-out to Eden who ran her first scene for this and did amazing!)
  • Scattered reports begin to filter in that Texas and Arizona are currently facing invasion by The Mutant Horde. The cycle of War begins anew.

Brothers in Arms.

Timeframe Summary
November - December, 2282 Across the South, The Mutant Horde continues to advance into America. In Texas, the Horde has been fought to what seems to be a stalemate by the Brotherhood of Steel operating in the region. In Arizona, the Broken Legion is believed to be losing ground despite their numbers and the area is no longer safe for caravans. In New Mexico, the people prepare for their own war that has yet to come.
Multiple events of note take place in the New Mexico Wasteland during the course of March:
  • Brotherhood of Steel in the East & West re-establish communications formally and the rift within the organization that has festered is mended. This precedes the appointment of what will be the youngest Elder in Brotherhood history.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel in Texas, maintains that their duty and cause is to fight against mutants and refuse to provide support for the impending campaign in New Mexico not because they do not have a desire to, but because it is taking all of their manpower in order to continue their campaign against the Mutant Horde spilling in from Mexico.
  • Marshal Manuelito Romero returns from his investigatory mission to Texas.
  • Across New Mexico, the efforts of Samaritans from El Dorado have insured that many places that were vulnerable now have protection not just from mutants, but from any threats that may come their way.
  • Several Lone Star Caravans are lost moving through Arizona. The worst is feared. Scattered reports confirm that the Broken Legion is engaged in heavy combat across Arizona with the Mutant Horde
  • The Motorhead Motorcycle Club establishes a chapter in El Dorado with the permission of the Mayor and agrees to assist in the defense of the city.

Hope's Return

Timeframe Summary
December, 2282 - January, 2283 The area around El Dorado experiences an unprecedented rise in safety and security as work continues in preparing the region for the worst. The year 2282 gives way to 2283 and vicious sandstorms pass over the region. It's the most peaceful it's been in almost a year.
Multiple events of note take place in the New Mexico Wasteland during the course of March:
  • In Texas, The Brotherhood of Steel reports that it is holding back the Mutant Horde. Reports from caravans and refugees seem to tell a different tale.
  • In Arizona, The Broken Legion is collapsing from the pressure of trying to fight off the Mutant Horde. Many of the effected civilians who have not been drafted into The Legion, flee to New Rome.
  • In El Dorado, Christmas and New Years Celebrations dominate much of the city. It is a time of year that brings people together and some of the parties such as the one at the Drake Ranch aka the Four Families Party goes on for almost two days!
  • Sandstorms blanket New Mexico for over a week and end just as abruptly as they had come to the region leaving areas covered in sand and leaving other, new areas exposed for exploration.
  • The youngest Elder in the history of The Brotherhood of Steel is appointed.
  • The former New Mexico Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, formed by Knight Caldwell becomes The Guardians; a division of the Militia intended to specialize in the operation of power armor and repair/acquisition of advanced tech.

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