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Name: El Dorado

Location: Former Four States Commonwealth, USA (New Mexico)

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Information: The City of El Dorado is composed of four primary areas: The Central Walled City of El Dorado, Shantytown, Rural El Dorado, & Vault Town. For further information on anything else, please see appropriate news files.

El Dorado itself is considered to be the Jewel of New Mexico and is one of the most heavily populated settlements in the former Four States Commonwealth. It has a rich history and is a city reminiscent of the old west and times long past.

Status: El Dorado is the main location for Fallout: El Dorado, as the name suggests. It is the primary RP hub and is the central focus of our game. It has a population of somewhere between 7,000 - 9,000 residents including those in El Dorado, Rural El Dorado, and Vault Town not including visitors.

Theme: El Dorado is mostly 'Old West' in theme and appearance with many of the citizens adopting that style and culture.

There are three major groups in El Dorado that players can join if they wish.

The El Dorado Militia: The Militia of El Dorado.

The Lone Star Caravans: A profitable caravan company that operates out of El Dorado.

The Sheriffs Department: The Law in El Dorado.

Information on these can all be found in News Factions.

El Dorado was formerly a theme park established in the mid-2000s to provide a distraction to the people of the Four States Commonwealth. Known throughout the United States for a time, it was one of the most authentic 'western' theme parks you could find.

Given its remote location in New Mexico it escaped the worst part of the blasts during the Great War and continued to be maintained by the RobCo Robots who were responsible for the maintenance of the theme park before the bombs dropped.

As the radiation cleared, the theme park was initially settled by a tribe of survivors who destroyed or damaged many of the robots when they settled in the area.

Approximately seventy years ago, inhabitants of Vault 30 fleeing from something within their own vault came across the tribal settlement of a clan called 'The Cowboys' which just so happened to be El Dorado.

The Vault Dwellers and the Tribe reached an accord, working together to turn El Dorado into the jewel of New Mexico that it is today.

Note: Please see News Storyline for a timeline.

The City of El Dorado has various laws but these are the most important and are always up for interpretation. For example, you may not Murder a Citizen of El Dorado, that doesn't mean you couldn't have a showdown at high noon with an out of towner.

  • Murder of El Dorado Citizens is prohibited anywhere in New Mexico.
  • Murder is prohibited within El Dorado.
  • Violence is prohibited within El Dorado.
  • Theft within El Dorado is prohibited.
  • Killing a horse is prohibited.
  • If you live within the walls you must pay taxes. Vault Town is exempt as it is under the city.
  • You may not hold the Offices of Mayor, Sheriff and Marshal in any combination concurrently.

This file contains a list of important El Dorado NPCs as needed. We will try to keep this updated. If you think we should add someone or something of note, please let us know. If you want to use an NPC on the list, just ask. :)

Colonel Sanders: He legitimately looks just like Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Rumor has it, he found an old painting in the wasteland of a 'Pre-War' Colonel and styled himself in that manner. He's a hard man to deal with and very stubborn. He believes that the El Dorado Militia is in his own words, "The finest god damned fightin' force in the entire god damned Wasteland.". When he gets drunk, he often boasts how El Dorado is the safest city in the Wasteland and that nothing could ever take the city.

Sheriff Wayne: Sheriff John Wayne, the 70 year old patriarch of the Wayne Family had been serving as Sheriff, well, forever. Nobody can really remember when he was not Sheriff at this point. He was known to be fair, and just but also a little too soft sometimes with locals. He was killed during Scene 3 BOOM! Goes the Dynamite when he was investigating a Caravan for reasons unknown.

Overseer Smith: A Descendant of Vault 31's people, Overseer Smith has been the Overseer of Vault Town for over 10 years and is known to be a hard man who relishes in Vault Traditions. He's got no love for those who do not follow the orderly way of things and a love for American memorabilia from the pre-war period.

There are various positions of Office that can be held in El Dorado. These positions will be put up for election/vote/review at the end of every Season as appropriate. These are all LEADERSHIP positions, but it's always possible that leaders can suck!

Mayor: Katherine Caine is the current Mayor runs the City.

Sheriff: Stockton Volkner is the current Sheriff and is responsible for upholding the Law.

Militia Marshal: Manuelito Romero is the current Marshal and is responsible for field combat operations in the Militia.

Ever wonder how the people in a settlement get by? What drives their economy? What do people do for jobs? Here is a listing of the cities resources and possible sources of employment for citizens along with other groups like the Militia and Sheriff's Office (discussed elsewhere).

Bitter Lake: Bitter Lake is one of the largest sources of 'clean' water in the region and serves as the life blood of the city as well as its gathering of fresh water, not just for local use but for export to other settlements as well.

Cap Mine: Not far from El Dorado and Bitter Lake is what has affectionately been called the 'El Dorado Cap Mine' and is one of the great sources of the towns wealth. Within the old mine shaft there is a veritable 'gold mine' of dumped Nuka-Cola products that were dumped before the war, resulting in an abundance of Caps; the currency of the land to be 'mined' and used to expand the wealth of the town once they are cleaned up.

Farms: The local farms in rural El Dorado surrounding the Bitter Lake area are always hiring farmhands and provide more food than El Dorado can use, resulting in the excess being sold to caravans the pass through or shipped to other settlements in the area.

Lone Star Caravans: Lone Star Caravans travels through the wastelands of New Mexico and other areas of the former Four Corners Commonwealth operating from El Dorado moving excess goods and commodities to other settlements far and wide. Lone Star is ambitious and often sends Caravans out beyond the New Mexico region, but they do not always return.

Ranches: There are several large Brahmin ranches that are part of El Dorado and many of these ranches have a commodity entirely unique to the region; Horses. The horses used on these ranches are part of the original wild horses that were found when El Dorado was settled and used by many 'tribals' in the region for a time. Unlike the farms, many of these are family-run and rarely hire outsiders.

Technology: A large portion of the population being descended from Vault 30 has maintained the knowledge and capability to provide upkeep and repair to many pre-war technologies and it's rumored that people have traveled from as far away as New Vegas to try and have rare pieces of technology fixed.

These are some recommended areas in El Dorado for Role-play. There are many more spots throughout the grid to RP! Go explore and find them all!

RP Hot Spots
Gardens of El Dorado: The Gardens of El Dorado are a beautiful set of gardens unlike anything else in the surrounding Wasteland. Access is closely guarded to residents of the city unless accompanied by a citizen.

Gold Digger Saloon/Silver Dollar Casino: The Gold Digger Saloon and connected Silver Dollar Casino are the two focal spots of entertainment in El Dorado and there is always a crowd here, at any time of day or night it seems with travelers often making their first stop here.

High Noon Gunsmith: The High Noon Gunsmith makes revolvers and rifles for the town, and is rumored in less-lean times to take on extra work in doing modifications to weapons.

Lone Star Caravans: Lone Star Caravans have a large area with a market, supply store and are always hiring. It's also the first place many people arrive in the city.

Shanty Town Market: The Shanty Town Market is located in the Shanty Town and is filled with local residents and other traders from different settlements who have setup stalls to try and hawk their wares to anyone who will buy them.

The Vault Restaurant: The Vault Restaurant is built from a partially underground building of unknown purpose and has been re-purposed into a Vault-like aesthetic with an air of Pre-War Class. It's a high-class establishment and they don't just let any riff-raff in!

Name: Rural El Dorado

Location: North of El Dorado

Information: Rural El Dorado is considered to be part of 'The City of El Dorado' and all those who lives in the area are citizens, some of them wealthy citizens with status and influence. Consisting mostly of farms and ranches, the area is patrolled heavily by the Militia who keeps the surrounding wastes and area clear of threats to insure there are no threats to the town's food supply or to the horses that are raised and trained out here.

Most of the farms and ranches have Militia members living or stationed on them around the clock in shifts, with it not being unusual for Militia members to simply be stationed at their own house if they are part of a family that owns land out there.

It's a beautiful landscape that shows what even part of a G.E.C.K. is capable of. For some? It is a paradise in the Wasteland and a symbol of the future that is to come.

Status: Rural El Dorado is what some might call a Paradise where several hundred live, but upwards of two thousand or more people work on a regular basis to harvest food and rear animals.

Theme: Like El Dorado, the Rural area is centered upon a Frontier theme.

Name: Shantytown

Location: Outside El Dorado's Southern Walls

Information: This is the largest part of the settlement to be built since it was settled, this consists mostly of scrap metal homes and shanties put together by people and clusters against the walls of El Dorado. It contains an unknown and indeterminate number of inhabitants because unlike those who live within the walls of El Dorado they are not taxed and so there is no official record as to how many people live there, die there and come and go.

For those with even a few caps, Shantytown offers a place to live and stay within its scrap metal homes and shanties that surround the magnificent city of El Dorado like a ghetto.

Some might call it an eyesore, but to others? It's simply part of the charm.

Status: The Shantytown is a mix of people and cultures and even beliefs. It's a hodgepodge of everything and nobody is quite sure HOW many live out here!

Theme: This is more aimed at newcomers or anything goes. Whether a tribal, a raider, a high-tech technowizard who was former enclave etc..

Name: Vault Town

Location: Beneath El Dorado

Information: Vault Town is an underground portion of El Dorado and consists mostly of what was a partially completed Vault found beneath the theme park. Many people live down here and the 'Vaulties' are considered an odd-lot by the rest of the city.

The El Dorado Vault, of which the number has never been revealed or found out (What a mystery), was never settled and may have been a private endeavor by one of Vault-Tecs own executives or a member of the Government such as the Enclave.

Whatever the case may be, the Vault was found by the settlers from Vault 30 and many of those who wished for a life similar to what they knew before took to settling in the Vault rather than staying above-ground. Over the years? A variety of Vault Dwellers from other Vaults have even made their way here, raising their own families and living life in peace.

Some go their whole lives without ever visiting the wondrous city of El Dorado above them, but they are used to travelers. It's believed in order to discourage too much travel, the services in Vault Town are intentionally more expensive.

There are no doubt many mysteries that have yet to be uncovered in Vault Town.

Status: Vault Town is home to just under 1000 residents and life is currently going normally!

Theme: Vault Town is 'Vault' themed and aimed towards people who want to be Vault Dwellers.

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