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On Fallout: El Dorado players are allowed to be part of many different factions or even make their own.

  • The (Major Factions) that our game supports through means of staff and plot are the: El Dorado Militia, Lone Star Caravans and the El Dorado Sheriff Department and players who want to be part of a Faction should consider one of these if they want higher activity and involvement.
  • We also allow people to create their own factions if they wish with the requirements listed in the Faction Formation news file.
  • We also allow players to be part of (Canon Factions) such as: The Brotherhood of Steel, New California Republic or The Gunners if they wish but do not provide any official support for such groups, only the ability to be part of them. These fall under the classification of (Minor Factions.)
  • There are also several other groups that are available and have been created as groups plays may want to consider such as: The Motorhead Bikers and Sand Vipers Tribe. Like the above, these also fall under Minor Factions.

The spirit of our game is mostly co-operative in nature, so it should be rare for many factions to be in any type of open-conflict. Rather, this file is a warning that there are potential Conflicts of Interest that can arise if you are in multiple factions, these will be dealt with on a case by case basis. So for example, you could not be a member of both the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel under anything but exceptional circumstances, but sometimes there ARE circumstances that lead to multiple allegiances that could be contradictory.

If you wish to form your own faction, there are some requirements and also some benefits.

  • You need 4 players minimum who are active to form a faction.
  • You will be given an appropriate location for your 'faction' or group to have as a gathering or meeting place, but the person forming the faction will be expected to run the scene to secure it.
  • You will get your own channel and BBS.
  • In future you can upgrade your base with the settlements system.
Please submit a request with all proper information if you wish to form a faction.

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