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New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment," made up a fourth of the Four States Commonwealth. It was the 47th state to be admitted into the United States of America. The state was once part of the Four States commonwealth; the commonwealth being one of thirteen in the pre-war United States of America. The Four States Commonweatlh was created in 1969 and included Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

In 2247 Caesar's Legion rose to dominate the majority of the Four States region; including parts of New Mexico. While this tale is true, it is actually the Western half of New Mexico that was under Legion Control. Much of central and eastern New Mexico laid unclaimed, allowing for the rise and prosperity of El Dorado.

Post 2281 fallout of the Battle for Hover Dam has seen the Legion crumbling to inner fighting amongst the generals.

Highways of New Mexico

The grid for New Mexico is focused on the eastern section of the state; centered on Roswell area. El Dorado acts as the primary hub center and community for the game, with many outlying townships that are under the protection of the El Dorado Militia.

Clovis Highway

Highway 70, or more commonly known as Clovis Highway connects El Dorado to Roswell, Acme, and the Salt Creek Wilderness. Acme is the furthest northeastern township.

Highway 285

One of several highways within Roswell, highway 285 north takes travellers up to Avalon and Jack's Town.

Highway 380

One of several highways within Roswell, highway 380 currently only heads westward. The highway connects to Picacho, Tinnie and Hondo before heading northwesterly to Lincoln and the mysterious town of Dunwich. Just on the outskirts of Hondo is Highway 70, currently unavailable for travel.

Lone Star Caravan

LSC is the only known route to the legion town of New Rome; a town on the border of Arizona and New Mexico and formerly under the command and control of the Legion.

Common Locations


Acme was once a ghost town in the pre-war period that survived the bombs dropping. In recent years Acme has been settled and is a small frontier-style town of almost 1000 people. It conducts frequent trade with El Dorado. At some point in 2282, the town fell pray to the Motorhead Gang of Raiders who hailed from Texas. The community of El Dorado alongside some unlikely fellows new to the region were able to secure the town from the gang.

The town has grown since then with the Acme General Store being opened by Jude and Iris Lark. Many of the members of Vault Team 6 are known to sell wares from here to other people.

Currently, Acme is under the protection of the El Dorado Militia and current Ally to El Dorado.

El Dorado

El Dorado itself is considered to be the Jewel of New Mexico and is one of the most heavily populated settlements in the former Four States Commonwealth. It has a rich history and is a city reminiscent of the old west and times long past. The town has grown since its foundation to include several districts - City of El Dorado, Rural El Dorado, Shanty Town and Vault Town.

It has a population of somewhere between 7,000 - 9,000 residents including those in El Dorado, Rural El Dorado, and Vault Town not including visitors.


While never a large city, Roswell was still decent enough sized that it was hit by the bombs to some degree even if not directly; the near-by military base was. Roswell has many treasures to be found and secrets hidden still, even after many of the feral ghouls have been cleared out.

In 2282, Samaritans of El Dorado cleared the town of the feral ghouls. After the clearing, normal ghouls came out of hiding and have started to form their own community.

There are also rumors of 'flying saucers' and 'little green men' that have been spoken of and Roswell is a hotbed for supposed extraterrestrial activity and is of great interest to both the Brotherhood and the Enclave.

Roswell is also home to a large scrapyard outside of the city. There are many wild animals and even rogue robots that lurk within but there is always a good chance of finding something of value.

Roswell is also the center hub for many highway routes; connecting many other townships to El Dorado.

Currently, Roswell is under the protection of the El Dorado Militia and current Ally to El Dorado.


The Village of Avalon was founded by a group of settlers who made their way from a city known as 'Camelot', which they are not even sure of the location. They have established a village in New Mexico and are a very strange people who act like they are right out of medieval times!

Avalon is currently allied with El Dorado.
Local shops include a Tailors facility, Blacksmith and Tavern.

Jack's Town

Jack's Town is a lawless den of scum and villainy. It is the primary place for mercenaries and other unscrupulous individuals to hang out and there is no law, but Jack's Law which is you don't fuck with Jack. Jack's Town Cantina is the central hub of the place and is not a pleasant place to visit!
Local stops would include Jack's Town Cantina and the Brass Knuckles.

West of Roswell


Nobody is quite sure when Dunwich was founded. It doesn't appear on any surviving records from the pre-war period and while most in New Mexico know it exists, there's an understanding in the region that you AVOID Dunwich at all costs.

It's a town out of time and has been mostly unlooted and untouched in the past two hundred years. Many horrifying rumors surround the town and very few who remain here for long are ever seen again.

The town is uninhabited save for the rumors of cultists and spirits that haunt it like a palpable aura of death touching all who enter.


very small community of thousand and eighty one people before the bombs dropped. Today it remains untouched as feral ghouls have overrun the township.


very small community people before the bombs dropped. Today it remains unsettled due to the natural wildlife in and around the town.


Located along 380, Picacho is a small town that has been relatively untouched since the bombs dropped. Currently the community is settled by ghouls from Roswell. Within the town is a Nuka Cola Plant; whom the current community is trying to get back online.


very small community of two hundred and sixteen people before the bombs dropped. Today it is being cleared by the El Dorado Militia to become a place of growth and expansion. During the clearing, the Militia stumbled upon an old fallout bunker.

Arizona Border

New Rome

New Rome is an isolated settlement from most of New Mexico due to the primary route into central New Mexico being impassable due to the large numbers of feral ghouls and raiders that frequent the area.

Current travel to New Rome is by Lone Star Caravans.

Historical Information

New Rome is formerly the settlement of Lordsburg which was subjugated by Caesar along with the local tribes in 2263. Over the past two decades 'New Rome' has existed as an ominous figurehead of the Legion's might in the New Mexico Wasteland.
With the supposed death of Caesar, there are those among his ranks and people who shared some of his ideals but not all of them. These people wish to build a New Rome free from the tyranny and brutality that Caesar had brought forth.

It is no secret that travel through Legion lands is far safer than anywhere else for Caravans and those travelers who keep a low-profile, but many of the more brutal beliefs of Caesar are not shared by those who live within the borders of the Legion.

New Rome is no doubt one of many settlements within Legion territories that have decided to rebel against Lanius.

Vault 30

Vault 30 was the Vault that many of the original inhabitants of El Dorado came from but for some reason very little is known about it. Those people who did know the truth about Vault 30 are all dead now but rumors persist that the people who escaped Vault 30 were fleeing from something.
It is also rumored that untold technological treasured are in Vault 30 just waiting to be discovered and in 2225 Mayor Caine and Sheriff Wayne (both deceased now) were the only two survivors of a failed expedition to return to Vault 30.

The pair of men did bring with them some items of great value that helped the community thrive.

Vault 31

Vault 31 is one of the few Vaults in New Mexico that much information is known about or even remembered. A sister Vault to Vault 30 and part of the New Mexico Vault Network, Vault 31 was designed for a minor but vicious experiment; the sealing of one known communist family among a collection of All-American Families who believed in patriotism and the American way.
Like Vault 30, Vault 31 experienced a series of mysterious failures near the turn of the century and is known to have been in contact with Vault 30 and at least one other Vault in the region during this time. When the residents of Vault 30 settled El Dorado, Vault 31 was one of the groups they contacted to join them in settling the city and founding a new civilization in Wasteland.
Not all of Vault 31's residents accepted the offer, but many of them made the Exodus and became crucial in helping to form Vault Town. In fact? The Current Overseer of Vault Town is a descendant of Vault 31 Vault Dwellers.
Nobody knows the current status of Vault 31 or anyone who remained there as contact was lost with it several years after the exodus and nobody has returned since...

There are many other locations with New Mexico; all of which is currently unattainable, or unknown as to where it is ICly located. Below is a list of those places..


Albuquerque was New Mexico's largest city in the pre-war period and is still the largest urban region in all of New Mexico. It is not a rival for El Dorado in terms of any individual settlements or any grandeur but it is home to multiple smaller settlements and a fairly large if distributed population of thousands.


Gohauq is a small town that was constructed after the bombs dropped and is inhabited by a few hundred souls. Rumor has it the name of the town came from somewhere else and the original person naming it read it backwards because it was flashed into a mirror after the bombs dropped.
Gohauq is currently allied with El Dorado.

Crashed Airship

Several years ago a Brotherhood of Steel Airship was spotted in the region late in the evening. Those who saw the Airship swear up and down that it was engaged in /combat/ with some kind of other flying disc or something that was zapping it before it crashed. Nobody has ever bothered to mount an expedition to the Crashed Airship due to persistent rumors of a large nest of Deathclaws in the area the ship is believed to have crashed in.If anyone could get rid of those Deathclaws, they could probably get access to the crash site.


Deadwood is the name of a formerly bustling community further to the North that resides in the middle of a forest permanently blackened and charred by the bombs dropping centuries ago. Many of the original inhabitants were wiped out by a plague of some kind and a small group of survivors eke out an existence here.

Ghoul Warrens

Nobody is sure where these Ghoul Warrens are, only that they exist somewhere near Roswell given the high numbers of ghouls that can be found roaming throughout the ruined city.

Hope's Crossing

Hope's Crossing was a small settlement near the Mexican border of several hundred people that relied on El Dorado to exist for food supplies. The town did other trade with settlements further South in the former nation of Mexico such as the city of Azteca.
In July of 2282 the small settlement was attacked by tendrils of The Mutant Horde and razed to the ground. Six people survived the massacre at Hope's Crossing thanks to the actions of Samaritans from El Dorado.
It is now a ghost town, a haunted memorial on the border of Mexico and America that does not live up to its name.

Legion Encampment

Far to the north there are rumors of a Legion encampment that setup sometime in 2282.
Nobody in the region is quite sure what the Legion is intending, but given that the encampment is believed to be responsible for burning several northern settlements to the ground; it's certainly not a good sign.

Ponderosa Peak

Ponderosa Peak is a small hill-top settlement of several-hundred people located inside and around an old satellite installation. It does frequent trade with El Dorado and is responsible for helping to amplify many of the radio signals in the region.

Radio Stations

The following Radio Stations are known about and unlocked for players at present time!

El Dorado Radio

El Dorado Radio is run by DJ Wild Bill who mostly plays local news, western, and old time 50s music. It is located in El Dorado.


Jack FM is run by DJ Jackoff and is located in Jack's Town. It plays a mixture of punk, rock and original wasteland music.

Radio Roswell

Radio Roswell is run by DJ David Ghoulie, a ghoul obsessed with David Bowie. It almost always plays David Bowie but sometimes other songs are thrown in, he wouldn't leave out The King!

New Mexico Brotherhood Station

The New Mexico Brotherhood of Steel often broadcasts helpful information and recruiting information on their radio station which is located at the aptly named Outpost 01.

Ponderosa Peaks AM

Ponderosa Peaks broadcasts a variety of music but very little of anything else on their own radio station which reaches into the surrounding territories and as far south as Mexico.

Vault Town Easy Listening

Vault Town has their own radio station which broadcasts advertisements, music and pre-war radio dramas.


A strange radio signal has recently been cropping up. It is nothing but static and sometimes Morse code which is nonsensical and intangible when deciphered