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The following is the current up-to-date timeline for Fallout El Dorado.


2050s: El Dorado is built as a theme park in the pre-war period.

2077: The Great War. Bombs Drop. Vault 30 is settled.


2185: Vault 30 begins to experience mysterious failures.

2190: Wild Horses are spotted infrequently in the New Mexico Region, many who see them have no clue what they are.


2208: A tribe known as 'The Cowboys' settles El Dorado.

2210: Survivors from Vault 30 Make an exodus from Vault 30.

2211: The Cowboys and the Survivors from Vault 30 make contact.

2212: The settlement of El Dorado is founded.

2213: Vault 30's former Overseer Maxwell Caine is elected as the first ever Mayor of El Dorado. He will continue to

      serve as Mayor for a total of 27 consecutive terms.

2214: The El Dorado Sheriff's Office is formed.

2215: The El Dorado Militia is formed.

2218: A local group of Raiders begins harassing El Dorado.

2219: El Dorado is attacked by a large force of Raiders, dozens are killed but the Raiders are ultimately repelled. As a result, Mayor Caine offers large incentives for citizens to join the Militia and even hires a group of caravan guards who would later form the Lone Star Caravan Company and begins a concentrated assault on near-by Raider tribes. Horses are seized from many of these tribes and added to the small population El Dorado already has.

2220: Most of the near-by Raider Tribes are wiped out or driven too far away from El Dorado to be a continued threat.

2221: Many displaced individuals from other settlements in New Mexico relocate to El Dorado and begin constructing shanty-like homes outside of the walls.

2225: In order to support the growing population, a group returns to Vault 30 to try and recover its G.E.C.K. Only
      two survivors return, Mayor Caine is one of them, Sheriff Wayne is another. While they do not recover the G.E.C.K.
      they do recover valuable equipment to help the community.

2250: Mayor Maxwell Caine passes away. For the first time, there is no clear victor in the upcoming Mayoral elections.

2263: El Dorado is attacked by a large horde of feral ghouls who are driven out of their warrens by /something/. The attack is fought
      off, but it becomes more important for the Militia to extend their patrols.

2270: El Dorado receives an NCR Ambassador who attempts to convince the city to join the NCR. The offer is declined.

2279: A Brotherhood of Steel Airship is spotted in the region before being shot down by something.

2281: Fallout: New Vegas starts and ends.

2282: Fallout: El Dorado begins